Why MPs shouldn’t use social media

I get asked quite regularly by MPs and people with a high public profile about how to maximise social media especially Twitter and Facebook.

Unlike most advisors I tell them to give it a miss. There are many reasons but one of them is unless you understand the implications of permissioning then you run a real risk of being severely embarrassed.

Like Trevor Mallard, the Labour Party’s strategic genius and uber-blogger and now porn spammer:

UPDATE: I have had requests from readers to censor the image. I have decided to do so.



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  • Bill Barnsley


  • Doug

    Trev and Shane should get together.

  • Tabbatha

    That “Wainui Village Market” really must be going off.

  • jabba

    nice girl

  • Bill Barnsley

    The astonishing thing is that nobody has told trev yet! It is still on his wall. Perhaps he needs to be more careful about how he views certain websites?

  • Anonymous

    Miley  is  in  Wainuiomata?

  • Tristanb

    That’s not Miley!

  • Scanner

    The truth is out, Helen is a very big girl.

  • Kosh103

    Wow, the right really are grasping at straws.

    • Your comment is very revealing about your own anatomy if you think that is a straw.

      • Kosh103

        Ahhh  WO trying and failing to be funny.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, Kosh103 – you think the right is somehow responsible for this? I suppose you think all facebook spam is because of the right wing conspiracy?

      Amazingly, not only has Trev not noticed but there’s still more porn peddling on his page.


      • Kosh103

        No I dont think the right are responsible. I do think the right is grasping at straws if they think this is of any importance to anyone.

        • Anonymous

          Who say it’s important? It’s just fun to watch.

          • Frosty

            Agreed – and while ‘the right’ are laughing at Trev’s ‘misfortune’, the only person that seems to be finding this remotely important is a blind lefty judging by the comments!

          • Kosh103

            Remember that next time the left laugh at National and you all get uppity.

            But knowing the right, you wont.

    • Agent BallSack

      Wow the left are really stupid. Whatever you’re trying to do, ie sarcasm, irony, smart retort, its failing badly Kosh. 

  • Bill Barnsley

    it is getting worse, grab another screenshot big guy

  • Tosher

    Perhaps Pork Chop knows something we all don’t about what is in those lycra shorts of Trevor’s. Viruses.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Epic !     :)

  • kehua

    Pricks of a feather ………..

  • kevin

    mallard might even think it’s a cool/young/hip/modern look to his page?

  • thor42


  • bb

    this is why i read your blogs! best laugh i have had all week.

  • Bill Barnsley

    Or not, the techtard has just cleaned his wall. I wonder if he has cleansed his cache, browsing history and cookies at the same time?

  • thor42

    Looks like The Duck is a “roundhead” rather than a “cavalier”…… ;) 

  • Doug

    Just love Trev’s latest post on Red Blert.

    6 DPS 11 other police and no one noticed a package on the table.

    Trev the Gripper.

  • Well. I don’t much care for Miley Cyrus, but if I had any respect for Trevor Mallard it would be lost by now. Someone should have this account linked to a phone that notifies everything, if they’re going to leave it open to postings and links. Doesn’t everyone know facebook is full of this sort of spam?

  • John

    The one time that Trev sticks his head up when the shit hits fan, and he discovers
    it his own shit – proximity is everything when you have to own your own shit Trev.