Winners and Losers

The Biggest Loser: Steven Joyce & National

So focused on protecting his own power Joyce refused to let John Key give the David Cameron speech to get rid of MMP.

As I have been predicting for a long time, National will not have viable coalition partners in 2014. Joyce’s short term focus on protecting his own power means the political environment became much, much tougher for National long term. You can see the proof of this in the gloating posts from left wing sites who know that the real battle was won in the referendum.

Biggest Winner: Russel Norman

Russel somehow managed to get the batshit crazy wing of the Green Party not to speak too much. He was was greatly aided by the departure of Keith Locke, Sue Bradford and Sue Kedgely and ran a professional, disciplined campaign that didn’t go off on a stupid leftwing tangent. 13 MPs is a huge tribute to Russel.

Unfortunately for Russel he is going to continually have to contend with the kind of dickhead that wants to sabotage National signs. Joylon and his merry men caused a massive diversion and embarrassment, and while the looney activist wing of the party are still around Russel is always going to have to watch the enemy within harder than the enemy without. Russel still managed to emerge from this with some credit with his prompt and unconditional apology to National and offer to remedy the situation.


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  • Mully

    Normal did exceptionally well – he just needs to muzzle the clowns like Robyn Malcolm.

    And figure out how to keep all the ex-Labour voters who gave him most of those seats. Labour will want them back come 2014.

  • Alsh

    How will Russell achieve anything if he is perpetually in opposition. One day he will have to join someone in government and then it will be end of Greens.

  • diabolos

    Really good summary Cam – one thing i will say about you – you may declare yourself partisan – but you dont spare your own party of choice.

    Well said – particularly about Joyce etc.

  • greenmuppet

    I am also disappointed with the result. Rough ride ahead with Europe/Asia economy heading downwards, it is a lot closer to home this time. 

    I am not sure exactly what Norman has won right now looking at the prospect of being on the opposition benches. 2014 could be a different story. 

  • kevin

    Andrew Little would seem quite high on the labour loser list as well…

  • Gazzaw

    Little is the archetype of all that’s wrong with MMP. He gets totally arseholed by the electorate with a monumental loss but gets to be an MP because his ‘self interested’ faction within the labour party not only gets him on the list but way above MPs who hold the key to labour’s future ie
    Kelvin Davies & Stuart Nash.

    It really is an absolute crock that the taxpayer has to pay for Little to take his place at the public trough to help politically entrench the union movement.  It would be great to survey the public of New Plymouth tomorrow to find out what they think about this travesty.

    I’m happy though. Beaumont is gone and hopefully forgotten. No doubt the union sisterhood will find her a nice little sinecure in the meantime. Maybe even the Mangere Budgeting Service.  

  • Fisiani

    Assuming National retain 60 seats then effective No 61 is Paul Quinn (Hutt South) and No 62 is Paul Foster-Bell (Wellington Central)One is a hard worker, one is not.One is an asset to National, one is not.One has cabinet Minister potential, one has not.One has spent 6 months doorknocking, one has not.One is articulate, one is not.One is energetic, one is not.One has a great future, one has not.
    One should step aside.

  • Mirtnan

    Problem will be solved within next 3 years.The choice will be National and Peters Party as coalition partners? The alternative will be Nats/Greens.Wonder what the voters call on that would be.

    • Anonymous

      Given a choice between Greens and Peters, I’d pick the Greens any time.  Mind you, hopefully it doesn’t come to that.