Wrong Tactic National

National is using the wrong tactics in Epsom.

Meanwhile National’s Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith has appeared to avoid all human contact as he continued his campaign to be the non-face of the electorate.

The current frontrunner for the crucial Epsom seat seemed to only engage with letterboxes yesterday, choosing to post party leaflets in Remuera alone.

Paul Goldsmith needs to meet as many people as possible to give John Banks the maximum chance of winning Epsom. Hiding him away just makes people think he is good bloke. He needs to be standing in Newmarket and remuera doorstepping every person possible, annoying them in cafes and restaurants.


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  • Anonymous

    With friends like Shonkey, Banksie has no need for enemies.
    After ACT standing down in the marginal seats and being shafted in Epsom. National now needs a friend.
    The insincere tea party, showed Monkey as desperate as Banksie.
    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Why do you lefties have to resort to name calling ? When small children call each other pathetic names they get told to grow up. What would you do if your child did that ?
      How about you and the labour party come up with alternative policy that voters will vote for, rather than pathetic name calling and playing the man and not the ball. All we have heard this campaign from labour is dirt throwing and spending money that doesn’t exist.
      The polls DON’T lie, labour is going down the gurgler, time to change and/or lift your game. P.S. I voted labour for 21 years but got sick of exactly this type of bulls**t.
      The whole world is now in 2011 , labour is still in 1971. JK has my support for the forseeable future

      • Anonymous

        “Play the man and not the ball” Perhaps you missed the fact that this campaign is all about the man and his popularity. It is all about smiling and waving with no substance whatsoever. When his popularity fades, and it will, there will be nothing left but an empty shell and many years in MMP oblivion.

  • Geoffk

    mr blobby is a fuckwit

    • Gazzaw

      Mr Blobby is a fuckwit who knows diddley squat about MMP strategies.

      • Anonymous

        I know and have seen enough about MMP, to know that it should go. Even ACT, who are in parliament because of it, openly admits that MMP is wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, maybe not. But I do know that national is hiding behind a façade with little substance behind it, plugging away and praying for a miracle.

  • Thorn

    This Goldsmith is a bit of a boneless poodle, the perfect List Member, the epitome of the MMP rort.