You can’t buy them back?

Phil Goff and Labour have a strap line they repeat numerous times a minute about asset sales. They say that once they are sold that “you can’t buy them back” or that they are “gone forever”.

Yet what did he tell listeners on Radio Live yesterday? That Labour had bought back two assets.

Phil Goff on buying back assets by whaleoil

Just two minutes later he was back to his lines about not being able to buy them back and them being gone forever.

With Phil Goff there is always a hook, a catch or an except. He never tells the whole truth, he always leave the inconvenient truth out.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Unfortunately for Phil, most Kiwis do remember buying back KiwiRail so I think that this latest attempt to lie, deceive and brainwash the public will just point out to people how much spin goes on everything that comes out of the Labour party.
    Phil Goff forgets that history is written by the victors.

  • R

    national have said quite a few times, with retaining 51%, it means when the books are in better condition they can initiate a buy back.  Labour seem unwilling ot focus on this.  Instead they think private business cannot run businesses because air nz needed bailing out when the global airline industry was collapsing and needing bailing out world wide.  Phil should go back to protecting the sexual deviants in his party.  anyone phil that thinks it is alright for a senor politician to rape a teenage boy in the house of the former minister of police is as deluded as anyone that thinks labour are good for this country. phil goff, one of the few politicians that wanted to lower the age of consent, and helped cover up a disgusting crime by a couple of labour politicans.

  • Bawaugh

    It is very hard to take a hydro electric power station out of the country. And if they pulled all the Air NZ aircraft out of the country somebody else would fly more aircraft in the next day to replace them and make a killing. 
    The only thing we need to take care of is that the soon to be sold SOEs are going to be run correctly, which will be the case as they are to be partially privatized not sold lock stock and barrel to the highest bidder. 

    Still I do believe that Tranzrail was asset stripped.  

  • Anonymous

    Simple question for Phil:

    “Why can’t you buy them back?”

  • MikeMan

    Yeah Tranzrail was asset stripped but IIRC that was a complete sale of the business.  A 49% owner cannot cause that much of an issue.

  • Allyson

    Remember NZs top spy breaking cover just to tell kiwis Gof lies. I do. God bless Allyson

  • This was the last question was put to him in the TVNZ live chat today.
    ONE News: 
    Final question from David, by email – If assets are sold, why can’t they be bought back again?Phil Goff: Once you’ve sold an asset, unless there’s a willing seller, you’d have to nationalise it. There are real problems with that. Let’s not get in that situation in the first place. Let’s just keep our assets in Kiwi hands.

  • abjv

    On one hand, I have $3B of assets I’d like to keep full ownership of.  Returning, say, 5%.   On the other hand, I have $3B of unfunded infrastructure projects I’d like to do.  I could always borrow an extra $3B at 5% but that needs there to be somoene prepared to lend it to me. At 5%. 

    And therein lies the problem.  Every time we borrow a dollar from offshore, a little bit of our sovereignty heads in the other direction, and the interest rate on the next bit we borrow goes up a fraction. 

    Greece has shown the eventual place that takes a country, no longer in control of its own destiny – sovereignty gone. Italy has just had a load of businessmen replace its elected politicians – democracy gone – and thier government borrowing rate hit 7% last night.  Spain and Portugal are not far behind – thier governments are being directed by theirt offshore funders what policies they are to follow, how many people they are allowed to employ, how many hours they must work…

    Phil:Listen carefully.  It is not possible to do all of:
    (i) hold onto all of the assets
    (ii) and do the infrastructure stuff
    (iii) and not borrow additional money to fund it all; each dollar further reducing the ability of our government to determine the policies for our country. 

    National believes in (ii) and (iii) therefore is prepared to ‘give’ on (i).  Labour believes in (i) and (ii) therefore is prepared to give on (iii). 

    Although both alternatives are unpalatable, I’d rather have a 51% share of a power company, than a 100% share and also be told by an offshore borrower what my budget is going to look like, how many public servants I am allowed to employ and what my GST and tax rates are going to be.  We’re already being told which drugs we’re going to be allowed to buy and what we’re going to pay for them – that is what loss of sovereignty looks like.  It is no good your MPs wailing about it when your ‘we will borrow more than National’ policy is only going to make it worse.

    We just have to be really sure the infrastructure assets National is going to spend the proceeds on are a good idea.  We don’t need another ‘think big’.  That’s why we need a decent opposition next term.  Something your lot has not been and your lack of MP renewal means you won’t be.

    While you are at it Phil, this policy of making Kiwisaver compulsory…  Where do you think the super funds are going to invest their depositors money?   And those iwi groups with large settment proceeds still to bank?  Do you really think that money will stay in the country if there aren’t decent investments here to put it into?