A Labour member critiques Mahuta

On Nanaia Mahuta:

She is a uniquely and refreshingly Kiwi presence who is a sort of Princess in the Pie Shop.

and on her prospects:

She is a new light who deserves to do well. My only adverse comment is that she has swallowed too much public sectorese and social entrepreneurship gobbledegook. She should ditch terms like ‘pathways’, ‘wrap-arounds’ and ‘integrated case management’ in favour of telling the story in everyday terms.

Nanaia Mahuta isn’t a new light se was first elected in 1996 when Jim Bolger was Prime Minister, if we are using light analogies hers dimmed a long time ago.


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  • Troy

    Nanaia who?  I’d have to spend a long time coming up with anything significant that she has contributed in the last 3 years.  Hardly a princess, more a toad who has been leaching off the Labour party for some time now.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds very much like a has-been. If she hasn’t made an impact in 15 years, then it’s unlikely that she ever will.

  • Apolonia

    Her only claim to fame was the “micro-chipping of dogs” legislation. It has been as effective in stopping rogue dogs as Bradford’s anti-smacking law has been in reducing child abuse. But then that’s what the public told both of them.

  • Anonymous

    She says those things? I’m struggling to remember ever seeing her fronting up to the press and saying anything…

  • kevin

    She must be the stong silent type of pollie… mostly silent (and probably ineffective) putty in cunliffes hands.

  • Gazzaw

    How do you think she would cope as PM when cunners finally has a brain explosion?

    One way ticket to Aussie anyone?

  • Agent BallSack

    Princess in Pie Shop sounds ominous, I am sure her constituents prefer fucktard in an ugly frock. Its amazing how many ‘independent’ Labour MP’s have suddenly materialized, I expect the Vogons and Daleks are not far behind. Sigh.

  • Johnboy

    She bears a striking resemblance to Dian Fossey’s best friend.