Ain’t life a bitch

Steve Chadwick is finding it hard adjusting to life as a constituent after Todd McClay handed her an electoral spanking.

Judy T is Facebooking her and she is whining about having to look for a job and handing back her iPad and laptop. It certainly looks like she is living Labour’s slogan nice and hard.

What was it that Helen Clark said once? Oh that’s right…”Diddums!”


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  • Gravedodger

    Chadwick had a typical socialist tongue sharp and short
     My empathy tank is empty but I suppose handing back her toys is a step up from the senile dwarfs behavour with the car.

  • mister nui

    So she has lost all her contacts. Surely anyone bright enough would export their contacts from outlook (or whatever) before leaving a job….

    The fact we have such simpletons “working” for us in some of the most important positions in the land speaks volumes about their ability.

    The stupid bint would never get a job in any organisation I run.

  • kevin

    Has to pay for her own flights to Welly to see her kids now.

    • Gazzaw

      The Inter-City bus isn’t too bad and she will have plenty of time. No Koru Lounge though.

  • Mbxchequer

    “only some understand the isolation, huh?”

    Even when she tries to be nice, Steve comes across as a nasty bugger reminding JT of her dumping, lol

  • Rockyr

    Steve…Got a burka ? Give Uncle Helen a ring, plenty of oversea travel and perks.

  • Charles256

    Is Tizard using a 50 year-old photo of herself on Facebook?

  • Kosh103

    Hardly whining. More like passing comment.
    Still the right wing do like to spin the truth.

    • Steve (north shore)

      ‘More like passing comment’ You whine better Kosh, keep it up