Further to my earlier post on Ed Miliband’s poor house performance, perhaps?suspicion?should be cast wider afield:

To be fair, many don?t blame Ed Miliband, but instead the shadow chancellor Ed Balls, for the failure to make inroads on the economic downturn. ?Ed Balls is too stubborn or too vain to realise his strategy isn?t working,? said one source. ?The Labour Party is being sacrificed on the altar of his vanity.?

Others are angered by what they see as Ed Miliband?s failure to pull his shadow chancellor into line on the issue. ?Look, how can I go to my PLP and make the case to my activists for a sensible economic strategy when the leader and the shadow chancellor are further to the Left on this than I am?” said one centre-Left back-bencher.

As the Labour Party plummets earthwards, the prevailing attitude is increasingly one of resignation. Some shadow cabinet members have begun whispering about an Yvette Cooper/David Miliband “dream ticket”. But once again, the shadow chancellor is seen as an immovable obstacle. ?It might work, but would Yvette go for it?? asked one insider. “It would need Ed Balls to basically give up front-line politics for his wife. She can?t sack her own husband,can she?”

A finance spokesman shafting a leader. Sound familiar?