Brendan Horan referred to Police

Brendan Horan has been referred to the Police by the Electoral Commission:

Police are investigating whether a newspaper advertisement for New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan broke electoral rules.

The advertisement, which appeared in the Weekend Sun on November 11, was not authorised in writing by the party secretary and did not have a promoter’s statement, which all election advertising is required to have.

The Electoral Commission said it had referred the matter to police.

It is really unacceptable for all these breaches. Yet another reason why an Independent Commission Against Corruption needs to be created. Electoral offices cut to the heart of our democracy. The Police in teh past have shown an unwillingness to do anything at all about these transgressions.



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  • Chris

    Having an independent commission against corruption in NZ is total overkill, sledge hammer to a nut territory. Compare all these “breaches” (no signatures, insufficient authorisation of a bloody sign, maybe not disclosing a few thousand of support from some business lobby group – so what?  It doesn’t justify a separate “independent” anti-corruption commission. We just don’t have the level of “corruption” you’d need to justify that.  No government person whether a politician or official or whomever is nicking thousands or millions or even billions like some are in some, mostly developing, countries are.  The relatively low level stuff that goes on here with unauthorised bloody signs and what ever else just ain’t in the ball-park for an independent “anti-corruption” commission.  The fact that all this unauthorised sign stuff or undeclared donations is being picked up suggests the system the way we have it it pretty much right.  If NZ created an “independent ant-corruption commission” we’d be the laughing stock of the world.

  • Anonymous

    IMO this is political correctness gone mad. If it is obvious that the leaflet / advertisement, etc was issued by a party / candidate who is readily contactable,  the integrity of the electoral process is not compromised by lack of an authorisation, and the matter is no worse than a parking infringement. The Commission should be able to issue an infringement notice for $50 – $100 in such cases. If the electoral process is genuinely compromised, then it can be referred to the Police. Otherwise police time should not be wasted.

  • Apolonia

    Of course New Zealand has corruption. In the 2005 election Helen Clark stole $840,000 of tax-payers money to finance Labour’s election campaign, they also over spent the spending limit by $400,000. This was defined as a corrupt practice according to the electoral act. Despite these matters being brought to the police’s attention, the NZ police said “It was not in the public interest to press charges”
    Apparently some of here accomplices are still at large.