Can’t wait to see this policy mix

New lunatic NZ First MP advocates banning the burqa and the compulsory arming of taxi drivers and dairy owners.

Which means, in part, the compulsory arming of Muslim immigrants, who may be a bit angry about being told what their wife can and can’t wear.

I don’t think this goose has thought through his idea.


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  • Petal

    “Which means, in part, the compulsory arming of Muslim immigrants, who may be a bit angry about being told what their wife can and can’t wear.”

    Nice one :)

    • Gazzaw

      Bahahaha Petal. You obviously thought this proposal through a tad more logically than ‘Dick’ from Waimakariri. He obviously watches too many cop movies with his statements about Walther PPks clipped to the sun visor. To think that this turkey is going to pull $130k+ annually from our pockets on the strength of 538 votes is obscene.

      • Guest

        That’s right. Let’s give Islamic taxi drivers hand held pistols, and have them congregate around airports. Good thinking NZ First.

  • Anonymous

    He must have got that after consulting his constituency…..oh wait thats right, he doesnt have one.

    • Argon

      Mate, he got like 500 votes and into Parliament: that’s his mandate.

      • Troy

        And, he only joined NZ First something like 15 months ago?  Wow, I never realised how easy it is to get into parliament and then start receiving close to 150,000 of tax payers money.  The guy is a goat’s cock.  Still, all of those that voted to keep MMP have no cause to complain that he is parliament – expect more nutters like this to become MP’s in the future… geesh.

  • Brian Smaller

    In Wellington it is women passengers who should be armed when getting into taxis. 

  • frank

    Islamic taxi drivers and hindu dairy owners. 2 groups of people that get on really well!

  • Agent BallSack

    He suggests “dairy owners and householders alike” should be allowed to have a “shotgun within reach, and taxi drivers as well as cops should almost be required to have at least a Walther PPK clipped to the sun visor”.
    So…he wants to arm 90% of the population – assuming you would definitely want your 14 year old daughter to own a firearm to protect herself – approximately 3.8 MILLION weapons would flood New Zealand – actually I want 2, so thats 7 million if everyone feels the same, and I want a bicycle .22 pistol of course, ad infinitum…

    • Anonymous

      Bank tellers too, so when people figure more sophisticated ways to rob them, thieves escape with guns AND cash!

  • Anonymous

    MMP…Delivering crackpots to the New Zealand Parliament since 1996

  • Anonymous

    Frank. Islamic taxi drivers and Hindu dairy owners  might get on better if they  both developed some “mutually assured respect.”

  • kevin

    Repent NZ First voters… you got WP and we got the rest of the drongoes. Thanks for nothing. But, you have provided us expensive entertainment.

  • Brian Smaller

    I think his poorly made point is this. Without the means to defend yourself, the right of self-defence is largely meaningless.

  • Peter Wilson

    I listened to Plunket interviewing him this morning, and it’s all totally out of context.

    Prosser certainly has these views, but so what? He wrote articles for Investigate and that’s why he is being asked about them. It doesn’t mean he’s coming to parliament to promote them.

    Plunket demanded to know if he believed taxi drivers should be armed. Prosser should have asked him: “Do you believe Dairy owners should be prosecuted for keeping a softball bat behind the counter?”

    I agree with Brian, you’re either allowed to defend yourself, or not.

  • Troy

    Getting pissed of with King Winstons cloak and dagger politics – now he won’t get of his cowardly ass and talk about Prossers rants about the burqa – suppose we will have to get used to winstons yellow-bellied politics all over again… yup, says a lot for MMP huh?