DimPost on Team Shearer

Danyl gets why Team Shearer is Labour’s only hope:

I’m coming around to the ‘Team Shearer’ side of the Labour leadership debate, as articulated by Lew here, partly because a couple of people I know who aren’t that interested in politics – but know that I am – have told me they really like David Shearer; given that he’s been invisible for two years and only emerged as a leadership contender two days ago that’s pretty remarkable. But also because one possible outcome is a ‘team of rivals’, in which Shearer leads the party, Cunliffe is Finance spokesperson (which he was born for) and Parker is deputy, managing policy development and strategy. In a Cunliffe-led party we get Nanaia Mahuta as deputy, for reasons that must make sense inside the hermetically sealed environment of the Labour caucus. Parker’s deputy would be Grant Robertson, who may or may not spend all his time consolidating his control over the party and plotting against his leader.


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  • Gazzaw

    How far could Shearer trust Cunliffe? He would be forever plotting and conniving & acting as a focal point for discontent.

    • Johnboy

      Always best to keep your enemies close. Inside the tent pissing outwards is always preferable to the opposite.

  • Rightry

    And Robertson’s too much of a flake.  He’s from that yucky student block that got cushy policy jobs for sucking enough dick.  He’s inflexible, doesn’t listen or respond to questions about things he doesn’t agree with, is hostile in fact.  Actually, when you really think about it, Robertson’s in fact just one big nasty cunt.

    • Anonymous

      Oi, Rightry, don’t malign cunts that way, cunt’s are useful. Robertson is like the bulk of his party: a limpdick who’s no use to no cunt…

      • Maurie

        A woman, a dog, and a walnut tree, the more you beat em the better they be

  • Vegas

    So if David Shearer wins the leader’s role can he choose another deputy.

    I cannot stand David C and would love to see him relegated to the rubbish tip!

    • Johnboy

      As leader he could pass a resolution regarding minimum chin size for office seekers then call for nominations for deputy.

      That should do it!