Fresh? Ctd

The so-called ‘fresh face‘ looks like a bit of a rehash. Three out of Four who have been elected to date are former staffers in the Clark administration.

  • David Shearer – former staffer in Goff’s office under the Clark administration
  • Grant Robertson – former staffer in Clark’s office
  • Chris Hipkins – former staffer

Beyond that there are at least another three who have worked as staffers in Parliament. If Jacinda is elevated to front bench then might it suggest there is a new faction in the Labour Party. A powerful, former Clark admin staffer faction.

  • Jacinda Ardern – former Clark staffer
  • Moana Mackey – former Executive Secretary
  • Kris Fa’afoi – Goff staffer

Of course Brendan Burns put a spanner in the works by losing…. not that Shearer could remember his name.

If Stuart Nash is serious about re-entering parliament then he should be applying for the now vacant Chief of Staff job, that way he’ll be on an easier and faster track to get back into Parliament in a nice cosy safe Labour seat.


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  • Kosh103

    LMAO – ANOTHER attack thread. Wow you are worried.

    • Roger

      So Kosh do you deny that Clark is (still) calling the shots?

      FWIW the VRWC are very happy with what’s going on as it consigns Labour to six more years in the wilderness – I know Grant said he ran a good campaign, but you know, it failed.

      Labour succumbed to the Nats double bluff – “we’d be really worried if Shearer becomes leader…” Labour sucked it up Hook, line and sinker. Nats saw Cunliffe as the bigger threat, no question. He is erudite, clever and is mercenary enough to drive the change that’s required. My view is Shearer doesn’t have the mongrel and mongrel is what’s needed if Labour are to become electable.Comparisons of Shearer with another newbie in the house, Lange, ignore Lange’s superb oratory skills and ability to command an agenda with wit, humour and rat cunning combined with a huge brain – Shearer has none of that. He will also be competing for oxygen with Winnie – $ to a knob of goat shit who will win that.

      BTW do we know Shearer’s school results – sad but true they’ll show whether he has the brains to foot it. Bolger is the only leader in living memory to fail the “need brains” test – he made up for it with gallons of rat cunning.

      • Peter Wilson

        Absolutely. There’s nothing to fear from Shearer, and now Cunliffe will be hamstrung, everytime he scores a shot he can be portrayed as undermining his leader.

        Unbelievably Labour have elected a leader they hope will win them an election, rather than someone that will actually be a leader.

    • Anonymous

      Did you expect him to say nice things about Labour?

      • Kosh103

        Not at all. But the level of panic is very amusing.

    • Troy

      Kosh, (aka Trevor Mallard), you lost, get over it and be prepared for more scrutiny – after all, you do encourage that here.

  • Abetterplace

    I’m new to this site.  What does ‘ctd’ mean?

    • Roger

      It’s short for what happened to Cunliffe – just missing U, N and and E

      • Joe bloggs

        Oh that’s sharp!

    • Peter Wilson

      at a guess, continued

    • Sam


  • insider

    not forgetting Louisa Wall’s sinecure at Women’s Affairs

  • kevin

    fresh in a limp sort of way…

  • Figaro

    Where does the Shearer decision leave The septic tank ?  She was very vocally behind Silent T ?

  • cobalt wizard

    Jacinda Ardern – former Clark staffer states on her website ( that “For many years I was also the President of an international political organisation with consultative status with the United Nations”.  Jacinda the Red avoids mentioning that the international political organisation is the International Union of Socialist Youth.
    A question or two to ponder: How come the UN connection has taken over the Labour Party? Maybe because Helen Clark from her ivory tower in NY still reigns supreme over the NZLP. Does this mean Shearer is a sheep in wolf’s clothing or just a sheep?

    • Notrotsky

      I remember seeing a video of her at said International Union of Socialist Youth ranting about her comrades while dancing around in fishnets and a corset like a character from the Rocky horror show – bizarre stuff !

      • Notrotsky

        here it is

      • Mr Ed

        holy fuck – and to think i had the hots for her!

      • Elma Fudd

        I have just watched the clip and suffered 5:42 of absolute idealogical drivel and bullshit. How anybody could actually get up and make a non-speach like that and expect to be listened to is beyond me. I suppose her mother is proud of her but I imagine that if she watched it now, she might regret it making it to U-tube… or maybe not…………talk about the classic political speech.. it’s like a Gilbert and Sullivan opera – full of words and music and signifying nothing.

      • Anonymous

        What really rips my tits about that video is that she keeps using the word ‘crisis’ and ‘crises’ interchangeably, mostly using ‘crises’ when referring to the singular.

      • Mark

        Did anybody else throw up a little in their mouth every time she said “comrades”? Just me?

    • Roger

      As I’ve been saying in posts here today. Shearer, his ascension and his acolytes has Clark’s DNA all over it. Change pfft. 

    • Gazzaw

      I said that right from day one about Shearer. Klark (sorry kosh) has her UN fingers all over it. If Shearer gets to be PM the reffo boats will be queued up from here to Indonesia – thats if Shearer isnt laying on RNZAF aircrft to fly them in.

  • Soze

    If ‘they’re’ so fucken useless, why do you keep ranting on about “them”  Are they not they irrelevant as the posts above suggest?
    Why don’t we just ride the Key wave?  

    • Peter Wilson

      I hear what you’re saying Soze.

      It does appear with Key’s sizable mandate, we can just relax and let things move forward.

      However, rust never sleeps, and there will always be a left wing movement that will want to overtax us, and reverse the progress that is being made.

      You have to remember, the left “hates” Key, and everything the center right stands for. It’s only through blog sites such as these that they can be exposed at an early stage.