Fresh? Ctd

The so-called ‘fresh face‘ looks like a bit of a rehash. Three out of Four who have been elected to date are former staffers in the Clark administration.

  • David Shearer ? former staffer in Goff’s office under the Clark administration
  • Grant Robertson ? former staffer in Clark’s office
  • Chris Hipkins ? former staffer

Beyond that there are at least another three who have worked as staffers in Parliament. If Jacinda is elevated to front bench then might it suggest there is a new faction in the Labour Party. A powerful, former Clark admin staffer faction.

  • Jacinda Ardern ? former Clark staffer
  • Moana Mackey ? former Executive Secretary
  • Kris Fa’afoi ? Goff staffer

Of course Brendan Burns put a spanner in the works by losing…. not that Shearer could remember his name.

If Stuart Nash is serious about re-entering parliament then he should be applying for the now vacant Chief of Staff job, that way he’ll be on an easier and faster track to get back into Parliament in a nice cosy safe Labour seat.