Phil Goff was born 22 June 1953

David Shearer was born 28 July 1957

David Cunliffe was born 1963

John Key was born born 9 August 1961

I’m not sure describing David Shearer as “fresh” is going to resonate.


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  • Kane Bunce

    Plus according to a One News article on their website, he was actually running for Whangerei as a Labour’s candidate in 2002 (and failed to be elected), so he is not at all the “fresh face” or “split from the past/old guard” he claims to be. He stood under Clark! Hardly a fresh face or a split from the old guard.

  • Kosh103

    LOL, and the smearing by the right begins. Just as was predicted.

    • Super Guest

      As if you things having been attacking Key for being more successful in his previous life than everyone in the Labour caucus combined. Honestly, you must be the most partisan lefty wanker ever to come on this blog. At least Mediatart has some panache.

      • Kosh103

        I dont think I have ever attacked Key for making lots of money. For being a liar, 2 faced, not caring about the poor – all truths BTW, but never for making money.

        Please get your facts right.

      • Super Guest

        Caring about the poor does not help them. Feeding them endless benefits does not help them. Fixing the recession caused by Helen Clark and putting a framework in place in which they can lift them selves out of poverty will. Also, I never mentioned you particularly, I said: “you things” as in the mindless leftist collective of cretins and beneficiaries and union hacks.

    • Roger

      Problem for you buddy is it will stick. He has political baggage – his external opponent doesn’t. How easy is it to link Klark – Mt Albert, Shearer – UNDP, Klark – UNDP, Shearer – Mt Albert. Robertson – Klark’s Chief of staff, Robertson – MP, Robertson – Deputy Leader LAb, Shearer – Leader LAB. Yep agree it’s hard to see Klark’s cold dank hand anywhere near this. Tui anyone?

      • Kosh103

        Not sure who this Klark person is. I do not recall a Klark being in Labour in the last few decades.

        Check your facts again.

    • H2

      Better to be right than cock-eyed.What is wrong with “trust ” yet verify.Even you must check roundabouts when you are out driving.A mistake can be costly.

    • Where is the smear…it is a statement of fact.

      • Kosh103

        Nice spin. LMAO

      • diabolos

        Its probably on Grants undies .. truth be told

  • H2

    Would be very interested in Shearers comments on the terrible atrocities by UN soldiers in Somalia on the refugees.Never mind staring down Somalia Warlords.Wonder did he stare down the UN “liberators”.

    • diabolos

      The dick didnt stare anyone down.  The UN are a toothless self-help job for the boys factory.  No one stared anyone down in Somalia – the military were held with one hand tied behind their back by UN rules and regulations.

      • H2

        Check out WORLDNETDAILY.Find out about the Somalia atrocities,by UN “peacekeepers”.The indictment is beyond belief.Hopefully Mr Shearer will put it all in context.

  • Guest

    Shearer’s weakness is that he’s just another bureaucrat, working inside government and supra-government organizations. He isn’t the game changer Labour needs.

    So what does a game changer look like? Maybe a businessman with a strong social justice bent – Selwyn Pellett jumps to mind.

  • Roger

    Kosh re Klark. Kosh is usually spelt with a C. I was just following your alphabet so as I didn’t confuse you. Too subtle for you obviously. Re your Sup[er Guest rant – I don’t think SG used the word money at all. Just your myopia conflates success with money.

    • Kosh103

      Ohhhh you were trying to be funny. Ahhh right wing humor. Falls flat everytime.

      • Roger

        Not right wing – just true

      • Sars

        Please, Kosh oh witty one, make us laugh with some more of your brilliantly timed and totally on-topic comments. You’re so good at that. Have you ever considered a career as a stand up comedian? You’d be perfect, your sense of humour is just simply unparalleled. Or better yet, start your own blog and post the address here! I know I’d visit it every day just to read your wistful musings and passionate, yet balanced, views on politics. /s

      • Kosh103

        @ sars – my goodness you put a bit of effort into that didnt you. Pitty for you it wasnt very effective.

      • Super Guest

        Yeah, too bad we can’t think up something as clever, as DonKEY or “Smile and Wave”. Man I wet my fucking pants every time some leftist cunt comes out with that. Also, Kosh, do you even have a job? Or are you another leech on the public teet who spends all day on a right wing blog acting like he doesn’t realise just what a fucking mongoloid he really is?

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Are you on stage by any chance? Our work is looking for a Xmas do night out.
        We want funny stuff, but we want it real cheap

  • Cactus Kate

    He even manages to come off with his blue eyes looking cold. As someone with eyes as blue as Shearers I can tell you that’s a very hard look to perfect.

    • diabolos

      There is a ruthless streak in those UN humanitarians.  Usually it involves arriving after all the killing, raping and massacring and victimisation has already happened – and then getting sweat on your brow ushering the survivors into camps and tent cities.  It must be so hard.

      Rwanda, Kosovo etc etc – what good did the UN do.

      Does the Labour movement want one of these useless overpaid bureaucrats at the helm?

      • Mediatart

        As opposed to climbing the corporate ladder at ‘Too Big to Fail Corp’ ?
        Im sure the refugees are grateful even if you arent

    • Boss Hogg

      A photographer with a good Gaffer – no problem.  All about lighting – getting what you want from the subject.

  • Roger

    It’s a pity you can’t spell Kosh. You sneaked through before National Standards I guess. It’s amazing how poor spelling and grammar detracts from the message. You should head over to The Standard – they are looking for original copy and their standards are lower; in spite of their name. 

  • dm

    Politics and personality aside, it’s a brilliant photo.