Get out

The dirty hippies masquerading as a mass protest movement have been ordered to leave Aotea Square within 48 hours.

Occupy Auckland has launched a petition in response to a court order giving them 48-hours to leave Aotea Square.

The group has been camped in the central city since October 15, in a protest against wealth inequality and corporate influence on government.

However, this afternoon Judge David Wilson released a decision saying the group was breaching an Auckland Council bylaw governing the use of public places and had caused damage.

Protesters have lodged an appeal with the courts and will meet with the judge again tomorrow afternoon.

Occupy Auckland spokesman Chris Glenn said many in the camp were resolved to stay there through Christmas despite the eviction order, he said.

“As far as we’re concerned it’s business as usual. We’re continuing to protest against corporate greed and gross inequality in our society.”

Once the time limit expires if I was the council and the Police I would move in at about 4am and clean out the 5 people sleeping there and then chuck all their stuff into a skip and be done with it.

The Judge certainly has had enough of their weasel excuses:

Justice Wilson, in his ruling, said the group did not “practice what they preached”.

“While Occupy Auckland proclaims its adherence to participatory democracy the evidence reveals that they do not practise what they preach. They did not do so when they decided to occupy Aotea Square. They did not ask those who live and work around Aotea Square… what they would think if Aotea Square… turned into a tent city.”

Wilson said although Aotea Square is used for protests, Occupy Auckland gave the council no notice of their intention to camp in the square. They began putting up their tents at 7pm on October 15, after an earlier march up Queen St.

The Judge basically says, enough already, get out!


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  • Brian Smaller

    The mad cat woman Penny Bright reckons that the whole world will be watching.  Does she really think this eviction will be the NZ version of Sharpesville?  I am hopeful but suspect that there will be a definite lack of armed response from the authorities.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe Penny has answered my question as to whether the squatter… protestors will front up for the repair bill.

    • Liberty

      Time to bring back the Red squard.
      Polish the Minto Bars. :) 

  • DGR

    Use Detol, it gets rid of the 99%…

  • Bart

    Well, it’s the school holidays isn’t it.   We don’t need police.   What we need is about 400 primary school children between the ages of 5 and 9.  Give them heaps of fizzy drinks, lots and lots of sugar, and then tell them that presents have been hidden for them throughout Aotea Square, then release them!

    Meanwhile, from the sidelines, Sue Bradford with a megaphone constantly repeating that Section 59 has been repealed, and the children MUST NOT BE TOUCHED UNDER PENALTY OF LAW!

    I’d give them about an hour, but I’d sell tickets to defray the costs of repairing the damage.    

  • Quintin Hogg

    School holiday entertainment. (in addition to the sugar rush)
    Erect a catapult in Aotea Square, acquire lots of water balloons and tell passers by the tent city is a giant angry birds game with piggies hiding in the tents.  And charge a gold coin for the pleasure.

  • Gavinc60

    Heard this occupy Auckland prat on TV this morning saying how they were going to march on city hall – where does he think he is New York?

    • Anonymous

      Let em March, it should provide the authorities with the 20 minutes they need to clear out the square into a skip.

    • Anonymous

      Aotea square is right next door to city hall. In fact there tents are located right behind the building.

      • Gavinc60

        No it is not next to city hall – it is next to the Town Hall

  • Ploughman

    It’s OK for you Aucklanders, but the smelly prats are still camping in Hagley Park* and our Council has no plans to evict them.  And aren’t they, the smellies,  increasing the disparity between rich and poor by not getting a job?

    * in Christchurch** for those who don’t know.

    ** in the South Island for those who don’t know.  

    • Gazzaw

      I feel for you Ploughman. Maybe you can pray for a white Christmas or maybe just a great big howling southerly for a couple of days.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t Jerry just red zone the park……emergency Earthquake powers and everything.

  • Anonymous

    The B******s will take it all the way to the Supreme Court and will be handed victory there. IMO Bill of Rights Act needs amending to require courts to do a proper ‘balancing’ between rights of protesters and the right of their ‘victims’. In particular the right of returned servicepeople to remember in public their service and fallen comrades without outside interference should be recognised.

  • Scanner

    A well placed fire engine loaded with soapy water could clear this vermin in 10 seconds flat, soap and water are what terrifies this rabble the most.
    Perhaps they should fuck off and occupy a job instead of bringing their filth into public spaces.

  • Paulus

    They will not go without “Police Brutality” – watch this space.

    • Gazzaw

      Penny Notso will no doubt be the first having conveniently lain in front of the police. She’s been a martyr waiting to happen since Day 1. Lets hope that the police move in on Saturday and there’s no court hearing until Wednedsday to apply for bail.

      • Anonymous

        Now this is an apportunity for Taser demonstration.

    • Ben R001

      Well Paulus if that is the case we might as well make it worth their while. So do we (as Mr Burns said) release the hounds or “hire” the world’s best protesting clearing force?

  • Anonymous

    What gets me is that **none** of these hypocritical bastards are short of a buck. They *all* have flash-looking tents. Most of them probably have expensive cellphones and laptops too (made by those horrible, awful “corporations”…..). 
    I wonder if Minto and Bradford are down there?

  • Oh dear; there’ll be no stay of the eviction; they’re gone by lunchtime tomorrow!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Leave it until Boxing Day, and the the public can go boxing – evict the filthy bastards if the Police are too scared to act

  • MrAuz1989

    Of course in the old days, you just emptied out the Cossack barracks.

  • Peter Wilson

    I think you’ll find they were getting ready to leave anyway, and just needed an exit strategy. Like the protesters in Dunedin, they wanted to go home for xmas.

  • Monique

    What I want to know is how many of them are on the dole? Shouldn’t they be out looking for work instead of making a nuisance of themselves? Find their names and stop their benefit, they are obligated to look for work, so look. It’s amazing seeing the unleashed pitbull roaming the campsite and the amount of them hanging off the end of a cigarette, it seems just one big freedom camping holiday minus the caravan but still with the freeloaders. Some people will do anything for a free lunch and holiday!