Greens strategy revealed

Matthew Hooton’s house really was a den of iniquity on the Sunday after the election. Not only was the VRWC plotting to install David Shearer as their Manchurian Candidate into the leadership of the Labour party but it appears that a senior Green strategist, Andrew Campbell, was there too sharing how the Greens plan all along was to shaft the Labour party.

Their plan is simple…rat-fuck Labour, and based on the election result they are well on the way to doing it. If Shearer is installed as leader of Labour then they will lurch to the right and allow the Greens to hoover up even more support.

If it wasn’t for the one big mouth with a top rating radio show then none of this would have been revealed.

Greens strategy to beat Labour by whaleoil


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  • Ben R001

    I shall continue to drink my coffee and read the NBR while this little piece plays out

  • Anonymous

    Watch the shit hit the fan when  coromandel gold and lice green break from
    prissy miss I have a degree and know best green finally come to loggerheads.
    Watch this space should make good viewing.