How David Cunliffe could get some positive news

David Cunliffe has gone from favourite to second place in Labour’s leadership stakes. He needs some cut through.

A poll on his strengths against David Shearer in the minds of the public would be a good idea. The problem is the minds of the public may not actually be in favour of Silent T. This shouldn’t deter him as he can easily get a poll that tells him whatever he wants if he goes to Roger Larkins at Research First.

Readers will remember Roger was the pollster that reckoned Colin Craig would get 47% of the vote in Rodney. I outed him for running a mickey mouse poll, but that is exactly the reason that Silent T should use his company. Mickey Mouse questions like this would help Silent T.

  1. Did you know the Labour leadership is being contested at the moment?
  2. Did you know that one of the contestants, David Cunliffe, is a good family man, successful businessman and has a Harvard education?
  3. Did you know his opponent David Shearer once fed mango skins to starving Africans?
  4. Did you know David Cunliffe’s policy is to feed starving africans the whole mango, not just the skins?
  5. Did you know David Shearer favours mercenaries taking over from armies in the worlds trouble spots?
  6. Did you know David Cunliffe favours dampening down hotspots, not sending in private armies of highly paid mercenaries?
  7. Would you prefer David Cunliffe to be the leader of the Labour Party?

A poll like this would mean Cunliffe would get some positive news, especially if he doesn’t release the questions.


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  • Anonymous

    “….David Shearer once fed mango skins to starving Africans”
    Surely you jest……?  


      “In South Sudan we hitched a ride on a Somali truck that seemed the only way to cross the wild terrain of the Turkana tribe. It was about a five day trip.
      We were sitting in the back of the truck peeling a mango and throwing the skins over the side.
      I heard noises below and looking down I saw children fighting over the skins – simply because they were hungry. It was a real shock. Here I was, a tourist, travelling through a land where people were so hungry they fought over mango skins.”

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for that, WO.  Wow! 

  • Guest

    It’s worse that that WO – Shearer callously threw food scraps at starving africans. He didn’t feed them. That would have implied he offered the skins on a plate to them as part of a meal. 

    No – he threw his compost at our dark skinned brothers for fun.

  • starboard

    yes thats right…he biffed mango cast offs to poor starving african children whilst belly laughing at their plight. And they want this repulsive man to lead the socialists! Muwhahahahaha !!  I smell a scandal.