Key’s new cabinet

John Key has announced his cabinet changes.

Women are the big winners in the new line up with the promotion of Judith Collins to Justice, Hekia Parata to Education and Amy Adams becomes a minister with communications and information technology, internal affairs and associate for Canterbury earthquake recovery.

Judith Collins also has ACC and Ethnic Affairs. She will no doubt be disappointed to lose Veterans Affairs which Nathan Guy has picked up.

The teachers unions are going to be upset. They initially will have been pleased to see the back of Anne Tolley but Hekia Parata, assisted by John Banks should prove to be more than a match for those militant unions. I think some heads are going to get cracked in education.

The full list is available from the National party website.

UPDATE: National’s front bench looks very strong, now with three women. Judith Collins, Hekia Parata and Paula Bennett. I doubt Labour will be able to match that after their leadership battle tomorrow.



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  • Richard McGrath

    You seem to imply that because there are three women with high places in the Cabinet, that makes it “strong”. Shouldn’t National’s front bench be a meritocracy not a vaginocracy?

    • No you fool, it is because they are all strong performers. No one can deny that Judith Collins, Hekia Parata and Paula Bennett are sooks.

      • Richard McGrath

        Then why did you mention the fact that they were women in your update? Just seems superfluous to mention gender unless that was relevant. 

      • diabolos

        I’ve never denied it …

  • Kosh103

    LMAO Tolley has been demoted. Serves her right.

    • Vij

      You’re still an idiot

      • Kosh103

        And yet smarter than you. Run along now.

      • diabolos

        Big people are talking – disengage the auto answer chip …

    • Thorn

      Tolley did her job insofar as she shattered any illusion by parents that teachers gave a damn about what was best for the pupils. Her successor will have a stronger base from which to kick education into line with what our children need to know to lead in a global economy. Lets start by importing Singaporean and S. Korean  teachers to show the way.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – shattered any illusion, ahhhh where do you lot dream this up from?

        Once parents started to learn what NS was, most didnt want a bar of it.

        But hey, go with whatever makes you happy, because Tolley clearly didnt preform well enough seeing as she has been demoted.

  • Mediatart

    And Hekia had to wait till Pansy  took too many trips to China  and now ranks higher than Bennett AND  Tolley.
     Sound like some is playing the’ race card’ or that Bennett isnt Maori enough

    • diabolos

      i think there are a truckload of implications in this lineup.  In terms of whether its a sign of strength – i think not.  Key will regret this move.

  • Moan and knit pick all you like lefty trolls.  The scabby Labour party have only just managed to cling to what little relevance left after the election.  My socks could sit on the front bench and out do Labours best.

    • diabolos

      I understand your partisan sentiment – but its much much more than the labour party.  There is an undeclared coalition of the left now in opposition.  Labour isnt the danger – its the totality of what is waiting on the other side of the house

      • Peter Wilson

        Labour and the Greens, yes definitely a socialist opposition, that gives your lot, what, 36%, a third of the vote, NZFirst, a left wing party? Not sure where the “give taxi drivers guns” guy would fit ?

      • diabolos

        @peterwilson – anyone barring the conservative ‘party’ are left of the NACT/blow wave / maoris-for-profit coalition … wait and see – dont take my word for it…. let the games begin…it’ll be more fun than spin the bottle at collins house…

      • Peter Wilson

        That’s a rather unique definition of a left wing party: anyone that is not National or the MParty basically.

        I’m not sure about games; they happened during the election.

        The debate as to who should govern is over. As electors, we’ve made our decision, and given our mandate. Now it’s time for work.

  • Ben Ross

    Kosh might want to err “run” with Banksie and Parata now in Education.

    Although those two could give Kosh “an education”

    Mean time I think this might be in order as National goes along closing the gap with Charter Schools

    • Jester

      I like Hekia for Education. Her knowledge of unions will be a huge advantage. Key didn’t pick her for her intimate knowledge of the education portfolio he chose her because she knows how those slimey union fucks operate. My guess is Hekia and Banksie will be formidable.

      Bend over Kosh…………you are in for another reaming!

      • Ksoh103

        You understand you simple minded creature that she is pro union right? Unlike Tolley she has a brain, and listening to her the message has changed already.

        No mention of NS in any of her tv spots last night. There was talk about working together, unlike Tolley who was always on the back foot, spluttering and babbling and always out of her depth.

  • Gazzaw

    You’re probably right Ksoh or Kosh (are you one and the same, a double act or dyslexic?).

    She is very much like your detested John Key. Always smiling, gives an inch to win a mile, non-confrontational BUT she finally gets her way. Any nasty stuff will be handled by Banksy.

  • Sars

    Ksoh/Kosh – at least download an internet browser that has an automatic spell check on it. I find it hugely ironic that you sit here and call other people out for being ‘simple-minded’ when you can barely construct a coherent sentence.