Labour elects Manchurian Candidate

Matthew Hooton’s Manchurian candidate has been successful with the right wing take over of the Labour party under David Shearer.

The new leader of the Labour Party is David Shearer.

The Labour caucus has just held a secret ballot to determine the party’s new leader, a post vacated by Phil Goff after the election.

The two contenders, David Cunliffe and David Shearer, had arrived early at Parliament today, as did deputy contenders Nanaia Mahuta and Grant Robertson.

The deputy’s race has been won by Grant Robertson.

This will be the first Labour leader to have made the decision to run while drinking Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2004 at Matthew Hooton’s house the day after the election.

The VRWC are victorious. David Shearer now has to preside over a bitterly divided caucus. Expect fireworks.

Now I’ll settle down to watch the toy chucking.



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  • Super Guest

    The best man won. Cunliffe is a cunt. I won’t be voting for Shearer, but at least I won’t vomit at the thought of him as PM.

    • kevin

      I reckon Shearer will be gone before the 3 years are up.

      • Super Guest

        Hopefully, that’ll ensure Key until 2017.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Shearer beat David Cunliffe, who told media before the vote that reports Shearer had the numbers were wrong.’

    Even after having his economic policy shredded during the election, Cunliffe still hasn’t learnt to count.

    • Mediatart

      Its a secret ballot…. so some change sides at the last minute- as Bill English found out when Brash won by one vote, reputedly  from Key who had said he would support English

      • Super Guest

        Ancient history conspiracy theories from the left today, huh?

  • Kosh103

    Next intresting step – the reshuffle.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this is a poison chalice. Labour don’t believe they can win 2014, so they have elected Shearer to be a sacrificial leader.

    I fully suspect Cunliffe ran a Clayton’s campaign, just enough to put his hand up, but not enough to beat Shearer, so he can knife him later on.

    • Kosh103

      Key wont have the support in 2014 to put together a Govt.

      • Super Guest

        Fun fact, Kosh. Three years is a lot of time in politics. MMP review could drop the threshold to 3. Which means Conservatives are a cunt’s hair away from being in government. Even if they only poll 2.5 again, all Key has to do is game our retarded system and have cups of tea with Banksy AND Colin Craig, and we get three more years of the grown-ups being in charge, not a half baked UN hack and his fat token-gay sidekick.

      • diabolos

        He will now Kosh.  He definitely will now.

        They will govern us into the ground for at least another 3 years beyond this term.

      • Kosh103

        @ super guest.  The Conservatives wont get in next time either. Nationals support will drop by about 7% I would have at a guess, Peter Dunne prob is serving his last term.    Labour will increase their support as Key pushes through unpopular asset sales. The Grees will hold IMO, and NZF will be there too. As for ACT – who knows, but their one vote wont help NAtional next time.

    • diabolos

      They arent that bright rouppe – they just arent that bright.

    • Kosh103

      @ diabolos. No. Key wont.

  • kevin

    So, a double triple whatever bluff strategy eh rouppe?

  • Observation

    Ha ha. The Labour caucus are such idiots how could they fall for such an obvious trick.

    That’s 2014 in the bag for Mr John Key.

  • Rockyr

    The Rainbow Division has replaced the Union movement as being the dominant factor in Labour Politics. Shearer has made an early token gesture to Fenton (junior whip) to endeavour to pacify them. If NORMAN is smart he will encourage Union support. The Greens are now probably closer to Union aspirations now and with the retention of MMP NORMAN could head the Leftwing coalition and become Prime Minister in 2014

  • Peter Wilson

    National’s support in 2014? As Kosh rightly says, who knows?

    National is bound to lose support, but to whom? NZFirst may wither, how old will Winston be then? I’d be very surprised if ACT doesn’t regenerate, as Key baulks from the tough decisions. Imagine National shying away from promoting mining, and then ACT taking it on.
    Labour may surge, and the Greens may be back at 4-5%, danger for them.

    Let’s just enjoy the fact we have given the new Government a mandate and see what they come up with.