Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Trevor Mallard gets called out by someone at last night’s meeting and he goes all nasty on them.

I’ve put up a comment, but it is still sitting in moderation so I’ll post it here. Mallard is probably trying to think up some sort of sledge back at me to prove he is a nasty prick. More likely though he won’t have the courage to publish the comment.


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  • max_power

    Trev as Speaker could happen, but it would make a mockery of the job, same as Hunt and Wilson made it.

  • Trevor as speaker – good grief! The role deserves far more respect that what he is ever going to be capable of giving.

    He’s tosser – and a Jekyll & Hyde one at that. Will be interesting to see whether he opts for deleting your comment or editing (“offensive, comment deleted, final warning” blah blah blah).

    I’m surprised he hasn’t surprised….or rather been pushed to resign. He should. His so-called strategy (seriously our 6 year old could run a better campaign than him) was a FAIl of epic proportions!

    As for leadership – who cares, Shearer & Silent T are still regurgitating the same old crap that the  old hands have been crapping on about for the past 15 years. I don’t have any faith in them being able to provide an alternative government..or any more faith than I had in Goof (which was zero to none).

    Any party that continues to think that more taxes & increased welfare solves all social ills including child poverty has their heads in the clouds.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Agreed . I haven’t heard anything new from these two either . SSDD

  • Kosh103

    Nice spin from WO – the truth seems to be this person got the wrong end of the stick and was caught out knowing less than they thought they did. Also perhaps a bit dishonest as well.

    Well done Trevor for stepping up and giving this person a ‘virtual’ slap.

  • Johnboy

    How the hell can a bloke with such a speech impediment that he dribbles equally out of both sides of his crooked mouth ever be considered for the role of Speaker?

  • Tristanb

    Haha, it didn’t get through moderation.
    “You should know better than to troll. Trevor”

    Typical of that site.