Labour were broke, had to beg off Anderton

via the tipline

Andrew Little was so ineffective as President of the party that he failed to raise a single dollar for the party. He left Moira Coatsworth with an impossible task of finding nearly a million dollars to fund their campaign.

The unions snapped their wallets shut and it was only the last minute intervention of Jim Anderton that raised the cash to fund the campaign.

The last thing Labour wants right now is a couple of by-elections. They got spanked comprehensively in the election, they have no cash and Anderton has retired.

The leadership has already fallen on its sword, now the campaign team and strategists need to atone for their sins. Grant Robertson can probably escape as he is a relatively new MP, but Trevor Mallard has death stalking him for his inept handling of everything.

If Mallard had any decency he would resign from parliament immediately.