More police referrals

The Electoral Commission has referred more cases to the Police:

On 9 December 2011, the Electoral Commission referred the following matters to Police:

  • An email sent by the Maori Party to supporters. It is the Electoral Commission’s view that the publication of this item constituted a breach of sections 204F, 204G and 204H of the Electoral Act 1993 because the item was an election advertisement that did not contain a valid promoter statement and was not authorised in writing by the candidate or the party secretary.
  • Referral of an individual who is alleged to have voted using the identity of a friend. It is an offence under section 215 of the Electoral Act to vote as any other person at an election.
  • An alleged attempted assault of an electoral official and damage to a Polling Place in Auckland Central on the afternoon of Saturday, 26 November 2011.
As these matters are now with the Police, the Electoral Commission will not be commenting further.
There are now quite a number of offences referred tot eh Police. I wonder whether or not they will do anything. The Police need to start providing some updates on progress with all the cases referred to them.

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  • Petal

    None of the electoral complains that get referred to Police ever result in prosecution.

    Is it any wonder that so many ignore the law?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, it correlates well with most crime, no ramifications for peoples actions…. No wonder the place is in the state it is…

    • Steve (North Shore)

      No prosecution due to speeling mistakes? Complaints*

  • Thorn

    The police are all trousers-no cock in these cases.