Apparently TVNZ is launching a muppet doll of Mark Sainsbury.

I always suspected that Close Up was the muppet show


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    the muppets are way smarter

  • Anonymous

    There should be a Peters Muppet too. 

    • Peter Wilson

      The Peters muppet wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t stand up straight, and would be too slippery to hold onto.

      • greenmuppet

        A Muppet pissing in the wind would be the most identifiable character associated with NZF.

  • Agent BallSack

    There’s a bit of Statler & Waldorf in all of us, I suspect.

  • greenmuppet

    Outrageous. This unfairly tarnishes my good nickname.

  • Paulus

    Which one is the muppet ?

    • EX Navy Greg

      The one with someones hand up its arse ? oh wait…that doesn’t help really….

  • steve

    Could make one that looked like Cunners,but would look like a c**t.Guess not good on a family show.

  • Steve (North Shore one)

    Sainsbury is already a Muppet, but who controls him?