Nash should back Cunliffe

If Cunliffe wins the Labour Leadership tussle, perhaps he’ll can find some room to bring back talent that should have been higher on the Party list.  Like the poor old Stuart Nash.

His office is now officially for sale.  Perhaps he could donate his firetruck as the new Whalemobile?

Though I’m reliably informed that the Firetruck can be had for about $9000.

I do wonder though if Stuart doesn’t really believe  the mantra about asset sales. Didn’t Goff say repeatedly…”When you’re in a hole, you don’t sell your ladder”.

Surely this qualifies as an asset sale when you’re in a hole.

Stuart Nash should really switch sides because only Cunliffe is going to axe the oldies that are sitting in his safe seat.


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  • Liberty


    So Mr Nash  is selling
    a surplus  asset.

    What about his future?

    After all there is no difference  between a office and a power station.

    They are just buildings.

    Who paid for the up grade ?

     State services  or Mr Nash?

    After all Labour  did
    get into frenzy over Mr English renting antics

    Will  Mr Nash be
    making  Voluntary CGT  payment. ?

  • Observation

    This is scandalous. How can these scumbags sell off property that belongs to the government and line their own pockets? I hope the MSM gets hold of this. Hopefully it will kill off this parasite once and for all.

    • Nashy owns the building but now Parliamentary services will no longer be paying the rent he is “hocking it off” to the highest bidder.

  • Gazzaw

    I wonder if Tremains Real Estate is handling the deal.

    • Anonymous

      Nice one….. ;)  It’d be interesting to find out. 

    • MrAuz1989

      Alas no, Property Brokers are. Perhaps Fossy can put an offer in on the fire truck. 

  • Brian Smaller

    “”When you’re in a hole, you don’t sell your ladder”.

    I think he was misquoted. the real quote was “When you are in a hole, don’t sell your leader.”