Pagani on Labour’s Leadership pantomime

It is the Christmas season and traditionally in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia pantomime rules for entertainment.

And so we the Labour leadership challenge. John Pagani is having second thoughts about the challenge:

After being initially joyful about the open contest, I’m having my doubts. It’s true that a genuinely open mutual scrutiny, as democratic elections require, is not really possible because of the potential for lasting damage.

Of course his arch-nemesis Brian Edwards has followed Helen Clark’s orders to ditch the hapless Shearer. Remember that Edwards has enjoyed a long and profitable association with anything associated with Helen Clark, he has simply made a rational fiscal decision.

John Pagani is now talking about closing down the debate because he knows from the feedback he is getting that his candidate, Shearer is taking it in the chook every time he appears in public and in these meeting. Cunners is handing him his arse and he knows it.

Pagani is ever the wise political consultant and he knows when something needs to be be shut down and fast.



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  • kevin

    “bring back goff”  they say…

  • Peter Wilson

    What I found amusing about Pagini’s blog was the small number of responses to his postings.

    Either he is so clever, no one has anything to add to his opinion….or nobody cares what he thinks.