Port Strike: Support the Chamber of Commerce

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We have a real concern about the impact of strike action by unions at the Ports of Auckland and its effect on importers, exporters and retailers – plus the message it sends internationally about Auckland as a place to do business. It seems unreasonable for such a small part of Auckland’s workforce to hold our region to ransom.

  • We know that for every 40 hours a stevedore is paid, they can work as little as 26 hours
  • We know that the average pay for a full-time stevedore is $91,000 – more than double the average weekly wage
  • We know that the strike is not about money, but about modernising work practices
  • We know that it is depriving Auckland of valuable revenue for upgrading the region’s infrastructure
  • We have observed that workers at the Port of Tauranga are benefiting from the action as opposed to striking in support
  • We know that the strike action is having a devastating impact on Auckland’s economy
  • We know the strikes are damaging Auckland’s brand and image

We are holding a virtual protest to voice the concerns of affected businesses. Click here to support our virtual protest.

Kind regards

Michael Barnett
Chief Executive
Auckland Chamber of Commerce


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  • Hollyfield

    From today’s Herald:

    Mr Gibson [Port company chief executive Tony Gibson] said his company yesterday offered a 10 per cent rise on
    hourly pay rates in return for “full operational flexibility and
    productivity increases”.

    Union president Garry Parsloe said the offer equated to “the minimum
    rates” included in the individual agreements, but the latest strike
    notice was in response to letters sent to members’ homes threatening to
    contract out their work if the dispute went on…….”We would sooner have him lock us out than send filthy, reprehensible, repugnant literature to our houses.”

  • QUintin Hogg

    These guys really want to be martyrs, don’t they?

  • H2

    Seems the mouthpiece from the wharfies union seems to act in  dictatorial unilateral manner.Perhaps he has watched the Liebor and Green Parties and realised the way to respond to criticism is to become a meglamaniac.His rants remind me so much of the commie”Greens”we know best.Maybe Norman and Turei are in his ear.

  • Ben R001

    Time for National to do what it did in 1951, send in the defence force to go do the work

  • Tick

    SSDD – MUNZ are fools in a fools paradise.  They will rather loose jobs and incomes at the expense of their remaining members that work constructivly to get a better outcome for their members.

  • Gravedodger

    Darwinism in 3D

  • Kane Bunce

    I added my support. I also included a link at the end of a post on my blog asking others to do so. It may not add many, but even a few would be good as it is a few more than would otherwise be included. The post also covers there refusal to accept the latest offer: http://kiwipoliticalmusings.blogspot.com/2011/12/oh-come-on-maritime-union.html

  • Anonymous

    Support sent. 
    To the striking Auckland wharfies –

  • Alsh

    Support sent.

    This strike has just has no justification.

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