Shearer backed by VRWC, Ctd

Well what do we have here?

I have already outlined the backing of Shearer by the VRWC members who attended Matthew Hooton’s BBQ. To a man they are all backing Shearer and now we see the other attendees of the BBQ coming out of the woodwork.

We have already seen Chris Trotter supporting Shearer obtusely but supporting nonetheless, he was at the BBQ.

John Pagani supports David Shearer, John Pagani was at Hooton’s BBQ.

This morning we have Matt McCarten, disingenously suggest that he and John Tamihere, Willie Jackson, and Matthew Hooton all came to the same conlcusion “independently” that David Shearer was the man for Labour. Matt McCarten and Willie Jackson were also at the BBQ. I am yet to confirm whether John Tamihere was there but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to join the dots here.

Here is a random impertinent question for the media to ask: Was there anyone at the BBQ who doesn’t support David Shearer?

All these people, all in attendance at corporate whore and political svengali Matthew Hooton’s BBQ, all come out supporting David Shearer.

Is David Shearer Matthew Hooton’s Manchurian Candidate?


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