Shearer backed by VRWC

The day after the election there was a BBQ at Matthew Hooton’s house. Sean Plunket was in?attendance, he talks about it in his radio show with David Farrar, Felix Marwick and Josie Pagani.

The VRWC is backing Shearer by whaleoil

In?attendance?at what Sean Plunket calls a “National party operative’s” house along with Plunket were Cameron Brewer, Lockwood Smith, Tim Groser, the blogger Busted Blonde and Cactus Kate. All were quaffing Veuve Cliquot and all sharing the company of David Shearer. David Farrar and I were invited but refused to attend.

To cap it all off the champagne they were drinking was provided by NBR. I know the champagne was meant for charity, but saving the Labour party really takes the cake.

A key Young Nat was busted by Cactus Kate at this same event, she commented in her NBR column:

When I saw the ridiculous sight of a Young Nat loudly giving advice to a worthy Labour leadership contender, I had just about had enough. As I am sure had he after months of such sideline commentary.

As Plunket states in his radio show prior to this event David Shearer had expressed no interest in the leadership of the Labour party and the very next day he launches his bid.

BBQ’s are famous in the political lexicon of New Zealand and here we have a real one at the house of a corporate whore and political svengali, with plenty of right wing advisors and thinkers in close proximity to David Shearer and a leadership bid comes from nowhere.

Coincidence is a fine thing, but I do believe there may be some explaining to do.