Shearer channels Brash on cannabis reform

Via the tipline:

I was drawn attention to David Shearers election time appearance on Otago University’s Vote Chat.

It would appear David Shearer’s in the Don Brash camp on dope reform. Favours decriminalisation and regulation.

Perhaps Shearer will be able to hire Don Brash to consult now he is at a loose end.

I have clipped out the important part.


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  • nigel fairweather

    my god. when WAS this? recently? THIS LAST ELECTION? 

    atleats theres time for maturity.
    He needs some serious coaching.
    I dont see a political party leader there.

    • Just three weeks ago

      • max_power

        Let’s face it Cam, who would you rather have in charge in 2014?

        Him or Silent-T?

        That’s the choice.

        Isn’t it good.

    • Pharmachick

      Oh FFS nigel, 
      put him through a media training course (what, do I hear a bid of 3 days total)
      an all of a sudden this becomes an erudite bit of policy.
      Definitely see a political party leader there, just in need of the usual Party Coffer Media Training Module.   

    • Peter Wilson

      Interesting stuff. Comes across as an expert in his area maybe, but hopeless whenever something left field comes up.

  • Troy

    Shearer is an interesting guy – he thinks outside the Labour/Unionist/Rainbow box and that’s great.   He’s going to have to work on his communication skills (alot!), seems he fumbles with his words – the meaning of what he says is on target but he needs a bit of coaching on public speaking maybe.

  • Lindsay Addie

    He may well be a breath of fresh air to some but after looking through Hansard for his contributions on Parliament this year he’s very very inexperienced. He never made much of an impression whenever he was involved in Question Time or in debates. He wasn’t a flop but it’s a big difference when having to debate complex issues with the big dogs from the other side in Parliament. Also it’s worth noting that he’s never held a major spokesperson’s role inside Labour. 

    I’ve seen too many people become the leader of one of the major parties and then not look so dusty once the spotlight is on them. Rowling, McLay, and Brash all come to mind.

    • Troy

      Agreed.  Maybe they’ve got it the wrong way around.  Shearer maybe step down and support Parker – that way he allows himself time to harden up on the front bench as Deputy to Parker.  Too late now I guess.

      • Peter Wilson

        Never too late. Remember Bill English because deputy to JK. But sounds like Parker’s a no-goer. Too much circling around his private life by the sounds of things.

        Unfortunately for Shearer, if he doesn’t get the top job, he’s got nothing to fall back on, Cunliffe’s got a no.2. He’ll have to settle for saving the planet and be environment spokesperson.

  • niggly

    Either chuck him in to the deep end and see if he swims up the surface as a “leader” with a bit of coaching of course otherwise settle for deputy and observe. Anyway Labour’s dilema, they can sweat it out!

    He’ll also need to keep the waring factions at bay either way. Easiest way would be to purge the non-performers if they don’t lift their game. ;-)

    • Gazzaw

      If he purges the non-performers niggly there won’t be anyone left.

  • Hey Jude

    My God he must have  a massive ego to think he can become a successful Labour Party leader at this stage in his career.

  • Whalewatcher

    Future PM? The dopey bugger cannot even string a sentence together in that clip.
    Keep it up Labour, you are at present a constant source of amusement

  • Petal

    Sweden is giving it a go:

  • tknorriss

    Looks like he was stoned himself during that interview.