Shearer cleans up on Close Up

David Shearer, my pick for Labour leader, cleaned out the other two Davids on Close Up last night.

David Cunliffe came across as creepy and David Parker as nasty. Shearer is looking like the statesman and he will be the one that National wants the least.

The corniest answer to a question came from the do you believe in God question. Shearer was unequivocal, Yes. Cunliffe said yes but added that he was an Anglican…perhaps claiming to be a better kind of Christian. David Parker gave the somewhat creepy answer that he used to be a Presbyterian youth leader but had “no faith” now. Somehow in that one statement David Parker made himself sound like a pedo scout leader and a loser all in one go.

The race is clearly between Cunliffe and Shearer now.

The voting public seem to like Shearer too with a clear victory in the txt poll.


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  • He kept going on about touching people, very creepy.

  • Peter Wilson

    In the dream team with Shearer as leader, I can’t imagine the other two David’s being happy to be leapfrogged. After all they see themselves as the new generation, taking over from Clarke, Mallard, Goff, King and co.Whereas they will argue it is too soon for Shearer.

  • Lindsay Addie

    After watching them all on CloseUp I cannot ever see the NZ voters taking a shine to Cunliffe’s big ego and sense of superiority. Parker simply doesn’t have the presence to be leader. He’s backroom ‘policy wonk’ type of guy.

    Shearer as Cam notes is the best choice, though he is politically very inexperienced. It is similiar to what happened with Key, though he served a reasonable amount of time on the front bench in opposition before taking over as leader. In his favour he seems to get it that Labour needs a very big overhaul before it can ever become relevant again.  

  • Anonymous

    I fail to see how the god question is at all relevant.

    • Gazzaw

      Very relevant though to their acceptance or otherwise by the PI & Ratana communities.

      • Anonymous

        So a god-fearing incompetant is always the preferable candidate?

      • Peter Wilson

        Not sure why people get so insecure about religion.

        Politics is all religion anyway, whether you believe in God, or the free market, or saving the planet, there are distinct similarities; it’s all faith, and groupspeak. Why else are climate change skeptics viewed as heretics or deniers, and in the old days, anyone that went against a strike was a scab.

        It’s not the question that is relevant, it’s how they might answer touchy questions. Be interesting to hear their views on other controversial subjects like climate change, abortion and prostitution.

  • Anonymous

    The Labour party should take Shearer for sure. BUT, Labour don’t seem to select leaders on if in fact they are born with leadership qualities, it is more or less whom has scratched whos back etc, length of time in the party etc…..

    To move ahead, Labour need to select someone whom is a born leader and that the people rate them, not what the Labour Caucus think, because clearly they don’t know….

    If Silent T gets it, National will be stoked..

    I will NEVER have one ounce of respect for Silent T after seeing the video of him campaigning a few weeks back. The man is a waster of space…

  • Mirtnan

    Shearer straight out of the United Nations ,yuk.Fast tracked by  the only    female prime minister in the world who lobbied for young women to sell their bodies into prostitution Helen Clark .What a cosy wee set up Shearer got Mount Albert, and the guy Chris Carter got a job with UN.Clark is still pulling the strings.Beware Shearer .he appears to be too sweet to be wholesome.

    • Gazzaw

      Precisely… I expressed those very same fears yesterday. I am no conspiracy theorist but there re far too many coincidences for this scenario to ring true.

  • Gazzaw

    Shearer is the obvious choice although I still do not like his UN links and what that could mean should he become PM and Hulun becomes Secretary General. For what it’s worth he is evidently a close mate of Goff.

    • Michael

      The looking after the US$2 billion UN budget in Iraq is what worries me.Wasn’t there wholsale misappriation of funds? I don’t thnk for a minute tat Shearer would have been involved but it happened under his management. Not a recommendation for a future Prime Minister..

  • Alex (not the Leftist twat)

    Shearer should stay clear of the leadership for another term.  He should get himself a plum spokesperson role, prove his mettle and raise his profile.  There’s no doubt that the other two Davids are just bloody awful in their own ways. 

    Whoever becomes the next leader will need to implement a bloodbath, close of half Labour’s MPs need to be culled and replaced by genuine talent.  The person who has to initiate that bloodbath will create powerful enemies. 

    I still think Jones and O’Connor should take the reins initially; would be a very good way of Labour showing it’s made a break from the “liberal” urban wankers set and returned to its core constituency.     

    • Peter Wilson

      I’d tend to agree, Shearer may bite off more than he can chew. It depends whether he likes his chances to be Labour leader, or PM. I suspect he can’t have both, in the short term.

      Whoever is leader in 2014, if Labour loses, which is likely, they will be dumped, their chance to be PM gone. Does he want to be known as a “one time Labour leader?”, or to have a chance at the top job of PM.

      Better for him to be deputy or no. 3, then he is poised to strike for 2017. I have a strong suspicion that is Robertson’s strategy, to be there or thereabouts after the next election.

      I would say that was Cunliffe’s tactic from a long way back. Support his leader, “to the hilt,” and then strike when his leader is defeated.

  • The real worry was Parker’s comment, repeated several times, that he had the ability to “touch people”. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Dutyfree

    Parker is a little man and very creepy

  • layoutman

    Still think Jones is best candidate despite his movie watching error.  On that I do wonder if the outcry would have been the same if he had watched Saw III or a mainstream R18 movie?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but apparently once you get to know Parker he is “an engaging, warm and compassionate man who would appeal to voters once they got to know him. ”

    • Gary

      We got to know him as an MP in the Otago electorate and I’d have to say he must have picked up some of those engaging skills in the years since. He lasted one term before Jacqui Dean took the seat back for National and then she thrashed him further in 2008. In 2011,  he sets up camp in Epsom for some vague reason, resulting in further humiliation there. His own campaign team couldn’t engage with him in 2008, struggling to get him to show up for events to lift his profile. I really, really hope the Labour caucus picks Parker!!!

      • Gazzaw

        His choirboy comb-over doesnt help his cred.

  • Mirtnan

    Helen Clark put the heat on Parker and told him to pull out of the Lie-bor leadership race or else.Like the little whimp he is he said “Yes Boss” then fell on his lollipop.

    • Gazzaw

      Interesting that he’s backing Shearer & not  Silent T. What’s on offing?
      Cunliffe surely can’t win now. He surely won’t hang around, his ego won’t permit it.