Spanking Stephen

Stephen Whittington, the Wellington Central ACT party candidate, has gone all mouthy in the media and on Facebook. Slagging of john banks probably isn’t a good way to enhance your prospects in what is left of the ACT party.

Farrar of course is a friend to all and is suggesting that the very tiny group of economic and social liberals go form a party. There is already a small, highly marginalised party that fits the bill, it is called the Libertarianz. The economic and social liberal refugees from the ACT party can go double their numbers.

Cactus Kate, meanwhile, tears Whittington a new one and sends a message to whinging pull throughs:

Touted as a massive vote winner among young, liberal and hipster in Wellington, Whittington managed to poll just 360 Party Votes for ACT in Wellington Central and 317 votes for himself. Heather Roy pulled 1,628 for ACT and 922 for herself in 2008. Roy therefore outpolled Whittington on party votes 4.5 times. When ACT in 2008 scored 3.65% of the vote to 2011 when they got 1.07%. Whittington therefore proportionally underachieved on Roy and ACT’s 2008 effort.

It is pretty clear for ACT members and supporters.

If you don’t like where ACT is headed, stay around and be constructive and work with John Banks and support the Board in doing so.

Or just piss off.


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  • Peter Cresswell

    Banks will kill ACT. 

    The young people know it.

    No wonder Cactus is having a tantrum.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you are right. He is a very strong person and will only compromise his beliefs so far.
      BTW I wouldn’t call Cactus one of the young ones anymore.

      • Richard McGrath

        I think that’s what PC was referring to – Cactus is one of the old guard.

      • Cactus Kate

        I don’t care what PC thinks about ACT.  He will never vote for anyone but the Libz since they first formed and will never vote ACT, just endlessly criticizes it. The Libz are a party that this election polled just 1405 votes nationwide.  If he wants to talk dead parties perhaps he should start with his own.

  • Anonymous

    If I were head of ACT, what would I do? 
    * Drop the pro-immigration policy, and become anti-immigration. 
    Who knows – it may even be that the pro-immigration policy alone is the showstopper for many voters. It certainly is for me.
    Very many parties overseas now have anti-immigration policies – **especially** anti Muslim-immigration policies. 
    Taking this one step would *definitely* get them air-time (even though the ignorant MSM would be critical of it), but “any air-time is good time” and it WOULD attract many voters. 

    The British Freedom Party would be one useful model –    
    Also UKIP –
    ( UKIP are very strongly against the European Parliament. Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP and a member of the EP, is amazing to listen to, with his vicious criticism of it. ). 
    * NARROW the focus of the party. This is ESSENTIAL. 
    I would have three core policies – anti-immigration, excellence in education, no welfare for anyone under 20 – and I would hammer those non-stop.   
    If they simply did those two things, I would put money on them surviving and even growing.  If they don’t do those, they are doomed.

    • Richard McGrath

      Thor: free trade and a free labour market are incompatible with closed borders. Immigration should, however, ideally involce assimilation with the culture into which you are immigrating.  

      • diabolos

        Fact is mate – if you keep pushing people into a populace – and there arent enough jobs for the existing populace – push comes to shove and you have problems.

        Simple equation.

        So perhaps the free market and globalism are flawed.

        Maybe … 

  • Bcwhitehead

    It’s ACT Jim, but not as we know it…

    • Anonymous

      True, but the “as we know it” model hasn’t worked for them.

  • Cadwallader

    ACT is already dead…Perigo turned it into Brashic Park.

  • Johnboy

    Is Whittington related to a Dick?

  • Richard McGrath

    Cam, ACT is dead, let’s face it. Banks should align with his soulmates, National and the Conservatives, and leave ACT to the liberals/libertarians.

    The highly marginalised party of whom you speak could very well throw its lot in with an ACT Party should it ever return to its original principles (which, after all, were identical to those of Libertarianz).

    • Cactus Kate

      You polled 1405 votes nationwide FFS!!!  And loaned the dreary bats hit crazy Lindsay Perigo just to attempt to spike ACT further as he got into Brash’s head.  The  Libz consist of half a dozen loud people on the internet.  You have no party, and waste your vote every single year, some of which ends up spread among the left wing.

  • Cadwallader

    A new party comprising ACT/Libz cannot be left to the absurd mercies of the unelectable losers who frequent PC’s place of dreaminess. Perigo displayed his inability to read an electorate, any electorate, when he set about propelling Brash to his mythical 15%. ACT was sick by 2011, Brash and Perigo ran the sword through its heart,(as they’ve ambitiously proclaimed they would to the RMA!)

  • diabolos

    Who in gods name is ACT??

    I thought it was now named the Tea Party / Banksia