Stupid is as Stupid Does, Ctd

Some people really are thick:

A 34-year-old man will face a raft of charges after allegedly fleeing the scene of a burglary in Auckland today, evading pursuing police, then crashing into a stationary police car.

The drama began when witnesses reported seeing a blue Holden leaving the scene of a burglary in Remuera about 9am.

Police spotted the same car a short time later at Wash World on St Lukes Rd, but when police approached “it drove away at speed” and officers lost sight of it.

The same vehicle was seen by police on Symonds St where it was seen to drive onto Anzac Ave, before disappearing from view.

Police then pursued the fleeing driver on Beach Rd but the chase was abandoned at the bottom of Parnell Rise “due to the speed of the vehicle”.

After driving up Parnell Rise, towards Broadway, police said the vehicle crossed onto the wrong side of the road and crashed into a stationary police car.


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  • Ben R001

    Can we give the bastard 15 lashings if the cane like in Singapore?

  • Anonymous

    Best one since the two guys who held up a bar then hopped into a Toyota Corolla thinking it was their getaway car. It was an unmarked police car and they could not get out because of the kiddie locks. Not known if they were booked for the ensuing offensive language.

  • Anonymous

    1.       Cut the PC Bullshit the Police should have continued the pursuit and done whatever was required to bring it to an end.
    2.       The charge should be felony evasion with a minimum 2 year jail term for endangering everyone else. With no maximum for causing injury or death.

  • Kelvirsux

    The reality is bastards like this are everywhere thanks to P (and their mummies not loving them cause they were only a meal ticket anyway) – let’s get real – they don’t care about you and your family and won’t shed a tear if they kill them in their attempt to avoid the police – bolt through the head – that’s the only way I say!!

  • Callum

    The police need a ‘no withdrawal’ policy on chases. No matter what they should never pull out and ANY consequent crashes the pursued driver is held responsible for with double the normal maximum sentence as a minimum starting point for sentencing. These days everyone knows you hit a certain speed and the cops MUST pull out of the chase so that becomes the target in order to escape.

  • Jomojojo

    The comments on here are seriously mindblowing. You would rather an out of control teen scared of the punishment Mum will enforce if he is caught in her car, crashing through your lounge wall killing your child. But I’m sure hearing the police pursued them recklessly for hours would make you feel better…

    • Kelvirsux

      You live in fantasyland – they drive stolen cars and don’t give a flying f*** about their mums – they only care for themselves and their next drug high which they will attain via a  burglary coming someone’s way soon.  But you are right in saying we don’t need reckless police chases – someone’s got to make the call but wo be the copper if he doesn’t pull out and an innocent life is taken (noone will blame the stolen car driver though).  The judges need to impose the harsh penalties so that the police aren’t put in these situations to start with.