Tolley departs in style

After the hell given to her by nasty vindictive and self-serving teacher unionists, its nice to see that Tolley left her role as Minister of Education with one parting shot – the removal of one of the most unpleasant self servers – Hokowhitu School principal Allan Alach.

A Palmerston North school principal who came under fire for comparing education officials to “the Gestapo” appears to have left the school.

Longtime Hokowhitu School principal Allan Alach will not be present when the new term starts next year, having gone on sick leave.

And the Manawatu Standard understands from sources close to the school that he is unlikely ever to return.

This year Education Minister Anne Tolley criticised Mr Alach for “cheap politicking” after he had blogged about the Government’s controversial national standards policy.

He referred to the Education Review Office as “the Gestapo” and the Education Ministry as the “Ministry of (Mis)Education” in his online musings on the Leading and Learning blog site.

Amongst other outrages, Alach invoked the Gestapo in his description of the Education Review Office – that’s right, the infamous and hated Nazi secret police were used to describe the rather valuable work of people charged with finding out whether schools are competently teaching our children.

Look on the bright side – he’s still got his blog. Perhaps he might work on it and challenge Whaleoil for readership numbers.


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  • anonymous

    what is the link for his blog?

  • Anonymous

    Sick leave. Wonder how long he’s going to suck at that teat before letting it go

  • captain kidd

    No ones going to miss that creep

  • Mully

    Oh dear.
    How sad.
    Never mind.

  • Elaycee

    Good riddance. 

  • Kosh103

    Tolley departs in style???? LMAO – getting demoted, getting caught out telling lies to the house, trying to ruin one of the best education systems in the world – yeaaaaaaaaaa, she has as much style as a pig rolling in the mud.

    • Peter Wilson

      Then why was she promoted to Minister of Police, after a job well done in Education?  Hello. Or are you saying the Police shouldn’t expect a Minister of superior calibre?

      And it’s fairly clear she only dropped in the rankings due to the sheer weight of talent coming through the National caucus.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO ohhhhhhhh you are very niave if you think she has been promoted.

    • Dion

      Don’t worry – even though Tolley has lost the education portfolio, you’ll still have a new batch of year 8 students to terrorise next year – at the end of your eight week Christmas holiday of course.

    • Lesley

      She does have has style. One of the best education systems in the world? Hmmm – maybe – but only lately thanks to National. Kosh – suggest you call up Albany Junior High and ask them what they think of National Standards. Media only tells us the negative about National Standards. If teachers are stubbornly against making National Standards work then they won’t work.     

      • Fozzie61

        Glad I passed over Albany Junior High for my son next year ….. shame such a new an innovative school has such Victorian ideas in education

      • Kosh103

        No, National can take no credit for NZ having a world leading education system. National are doing all they can to pull NZ down. Putting in place 1800 style, one size fits all systems.
        I promise you this – National Standards will not help a single child, or improve NZs educational tail. National are targeting the wrong areas and all because of Nationals long held hate of teachers and the education system.

  • Anonymous

    As persons like Kosh103 insist, so constantly, on demonstrating – the uninformed and abstract views of the politically-and-otherwise clueless are as fatuous as the way they appear to observe them.

  • Petal

    Wait for him to pop up in some cushy union role.

    • Gazzaw

      Not straight away though. There are too many ex labour MPs that need jobs.

    • Guest

      University Lecturer indoctrinating the new intake of teacher trainees?

    • Thorn

      Nope, he looks like he may need a hospice soon.

  • Lesley

    Fozzie 61 – “Glad I passed over Albany Junior High for my son next year ….. shame such a new an innovative school has such Victorian ideas in education”
    What do you mean “Victorian”? You say the school is innovative so how can it also be Victorian? I was told that Albany Junior High and its contributing schools is an example of where teachers are working together as a team for the sake of the students and making National Standards work. I was told that there were some who were very against National Standards but since a coordinated system between all the schools has been worked out they have changed their minds about National Standards.
    So Fozzie 61 which non-Victorian school is your son going to attend?

    • Fozzie’s lucky kid is going to a school where the NZEI and NZPF still reign supreme. Lucklily, those schools are gradually becoming fewer in number…

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – yeaa right. Schools that would celebrate the end of NS are just as many as when this backward 1800s idea was put in place.

  • The $64k question; are Kosh103 and Allan Alach one and the same?

  • captain kidd

    The way it works Kosh.Young aspire to become a teacher and attend teachers college,pass and because they think they can change the world and are going to be a great teacher apply.get a job at a decile 8-9 school.only trouble is they turn out to be useless and because you cant sack them they get shutted down the line as they get found out,to eventually end up at a decile 1-2 school where they fit in with the other (not all)useless sods.That is (not only)our education system.
    What decile school do you teach at?.

    • Kosh103

      So you have the opinion that the children and teachers in D1/2 schools are worthless eh. Well that does sum up the right wing position. if you live in a poor area you are worthless to the right. And if you teach in those schools you must be worthless too, as no right winger could understand that the teachers who CHOOSE to work with the poor, the behaviour problems, those with learning problems etc in order to make a difference to those kids.

      How about taking your head out of your arse and looking at the value of a person in more than just dollar values.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t believe I am saying this but Kosh has a very good point. My
        sister is in a decile 3 school as a teacher – due to where she lives in NZ and
        some personal choice. She has a MA and has been teaching for about 20 years.  She is a passionate teacher dealing with kids ( girls)
        whose families want them to quit school and accept life as a non-achiever…expect
        nothing and get less especially from the male role models in their life. She believes
        in kids (not all her colleagues have the energy anymore….but did once). Her
        goal is to change this expectation and for a few, she has. A few years ago, her
        school got its first scholarship. I am very proud of her. However we do disagree
        on National stds and she is strongly against performance based pay( she sees Nat stds as a wolf in sheeps clothing for measuring teacher performance)…drives me
        insane as it is obvious she does not understand how it works. The Union has
        convinced her performance measurement is outcome based on exam results so only teachers in decile 8+schools
        with more wealthy whose parents encourage their kids will get high pay. I say to
        her it can be process based such as attendance, extracurricular effort, lesson
        plans in advance so relievers have something to work off, quality of report
        writing, ongoing development etc. I know because I have designed such systems…reward for work and effort and sort out the bludgers.

  • Anonymous

    It was commented at my kids school that a positive of national standards was an increased parental involvement. Some parents want to know if there’s a problem so that they can address it.