We need a group like this here

A new reform group has been set up in the UK to tackle the unions:

The Prime Minister has also thrown his backing behind a new campaign group which wants to highlight the amount of public money spent on funding union officials in Government departments and public bodies.

The first piece of research by the new Trade Union Reform Campaign will be to research the number of trade union activists who are paid for by the taxpayer.

Mr Cameron?s comments are his strongest criticism yet of civil servants who are able to work for trade unions when they should be serving the taxpayer, and mark an escalation in his war of words with unions.

In a letter to Tory MP Aidan Burley, who has set up the campaign, he said: ?I strongly believe the current level of public subsidy to the trade unions cannot be sustained, either morally or economically.?

Mr Cameron added that in his view trade union activity should be paid for by the unions themselves, and not by the taxpayer in the letter, which has been seen by?The Daily Telegraph.

Exactly the same sort of thing should be set up here. They need to look at the Employment Relations Education?Contestable Fund, payroll protection for union dues and the funding of political activity of unions instead of focus on welfare of members.

You didn’t see hordes of Chamber of Commerce vehicles out campaigning on behalf of National but you did see plenty of EPMU vehicles and personnel.