What’s the matter with Christchurch?

It appears that both National and Labour think that Christchurch has exceeded peak politician.

Despite Christchurch needing the most constituent work they arranged their list ranking so Lord Burns of Marlborough has retreated to his country seat, and Aaron Gilmore is no longer representing Christchurch East. Perhaps more thought should have gone into where people were needed.

The Greens have new MPs Eugenie Sage and Mojo Mathers but the Greens hippy roots means that they may not actually get a lot done to help those in need because they will be concentrating on things like eco-sustainable non-discriminatory light rail rather than building useful things like houses, flush toilets and roads.


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  • RAS

    I’m in Christchurch and not sure that the two displaced politicians would have contributed very much toward rebuilding our city. I am not for one moment suggesting that the Green candidates will do much better BUT don’t forget we have Big Gerry working for us – thankfully.
    We get enough amusement dealing with EQC, CERA and our insurance company without bringing an MP into the mix.. Humour that would bring tears to your eyes!!

  • tas

    According to DPF there are 14 Christchurch MPs.  http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2011/11/parliamentary_demographics-2.html

    That’s enough I would think. But quality is more important than quantity.