Who leaked the results?

I have known for a few days the results of the key electorates. I shouldn’t have. The people who told me were extremely low level electorate based people as well, meaning the leaks were very widespread. I even had journalists contacting me on Thursday asking for comments on numbers in various electorates, so even they knew the numbers, especially in Waitakere. Certainly the Herald knew enough to run a story on Friday morning before any other news outlet.

The results in Waitakere, Christchurch Central, Auckland Central and Waimakariri were widely known well before 2pm when the Electoral Commission released them.

The question is though, who leaked them. Some have even made money off the leaking of results, most notably in North Shore.

I think the Electoral Commission needs to investigate. They certainly should be asking iPredict to provide details of the trades for North Shore and any other electorates with similar trading spikes. In fact iPredict should volunteer the information lest they be accused of running shonky, corrupt and manipulated market.



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  • Anonymous

    Interestingly, a certain blog had a ‘time stamp’ of precisely 2pm for its results commentary. Candidates and parties have scrutineers at the official counts. Scrutineers AFAIK are not permitted to communicate information during a count, but does this apply once an electorate returning officer has ‘wrapped’ the count for an individual electorate?

  • MrV

    As far as I know insider trading is allowed on iPredict. That is the whole point of getting information to market.
    As for whether it’s ethical for insiders of the EC to trade, that would be up to them.

  • Gazzaw

    Sounds as though the whole recount organisation leaked like a sieve which is an absolute disgrace. TV One interviewed the CEO last night (can’t recall his name but he looks like a wingnut) but he indicated that they would not be following it through. 

    • Mooloo

      Why would he it’s his nuts that would be on the block .
      what a disgrace .