Why do fatties earn less?

Apparently fat people, in particular women earn less if they are fatties:

First, the obesity wage penalty exists even in countries with national health insurance, so lower wages cannot be solely the result of employers’ reaction to higher costs in the health insurance plans they sponsor. Second, there is a negative relationship between weight and wages for women even at weights that are too low to be associated with worse health. Third, experiments have found that obese individuals are less likely than healthy-weight individuals with identical credentials to receive job interviews and positive performance reviews.

Labour has a maori quota, a gay quota, a women’s quota, perhaps they need a fatties quota too and a policy to stop discrimination against fatties. Nanaia Mahuta and Parekura Horomia can share the portfolio.


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  • Mort

    80% of Fat people are lazy.
    When you see a fattie sitting around it just reinforces that stereotype. They may actually be not that lazy but you’ll remember the times they were lounging around or stuffing their gob, when they should have been working…

  • diabolos

    Theres enough rolling hill country in the two people mentioned to form a small country.  I really cringe when i see Parekura on TV.  Whereas Paula Bennet just looks a bit like a flock of overinflated michelin tyres flying in tight formation although its hidden under modified tents from Hunting and Fishing in her and other ladies cases as well.   Pollies on all sides of the house who need bookmarks to find the interesting bits should look closely at Jenny Craig as a solution.  It doesnt make for attractive TV viewing.

    • Gazzaw

      You’re right db. Brownlee seems to have packed it on again recently too. Too many saussie rolls at electorate gatherings?  There’s no excuse for it particularly given their access to a decent diet & a parliamentary gym to die for. There are no excuses – Key, English and many others manage a fitness regime. Hell, even Trev gets out on his bike.
      Look at Tariana and the massive improvement in her appearance & demeanour. 

  • diabolos

    A little aside here – at a Gym i used to go to there was a lady who insisted on wearing leotard tights – black ones.  She was overweight and didnt wear shorts over the top of them

    it became distracting – for all of the wrong reasons.  What i am alluding to – is it became obvious that she either didnt wear undies – or was suffering from a reversal of PUC (pantsupcrack).  She looked as though she was trying to eat her tights when she walked.  Her nickname became “hungry beaver”  – i’m not quite sure how that name applies – maybe others will know.

    • Anonymous

      I wish I’d been there…..

      • diabolos

        No you wouldnt thor – mate i promise you – if it had been a hottie that would be great – but not this person.

        Worse thing was she was a nice lady and very friendly – but everyone used to avoid her because one’s attention was attracted to the disappearing tights.  Like Rolf Harris chewing gum i guess.

    • Thorn

      Be a man and follow Mallard’s motto – No muff too tough we dive at five.

      • diabolos

        Dive on that one mate – and you would lose your face for months.

    • Boss Hogg

      I suspect Larry Flynt could have some input here.  Googel “Beaver Hunt” and see what you get.

      When the kids are not around I would suggest…………………..Shane Jones could help you out of course.

  • kehua

    The  places that stand out for Fatties ( mainly women) are Work and Income Offices and Primary School  classrooms followed closely by Hospitals. Role Models  huh.