Why New Zealand needs an Independent Commission Against Corruption

Carmel Sepuloni cheated. She tried to rort the system to get back into parliament.

Kiely revealed 425 declared votes were disallowed – nine were dual votes, 393 ineligible votes and 12 were not authorised by a witness.

“Those 393, not only were they not on the roll in Waitakere, but they weren’t enrolled anywhere.”

There will be no repercussions for Carmel other than losing her seat and place in parliament. No one will investigate her systematic voter fraud, and that is why we need an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Labour want an Electoral Petition like I want cancer. Mike Williams knows this dog won’t hunt. The last thing he wanted was those 393 ballots closely examined. He will advise Labour accordingly, don’t go there.

The Police have thus far proved to be inept and inadequate in investigating electoral matters. This situation appears to be Onehunga all over again. No one will, though, investigate her systematic voter fraud, and that is why we need an Independent Commission Against Corruption.


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  • Gazzaw

    Surely Cam if there is suspicion of electoral fraud and corruption then a formal complaint should be laid with the appropriate authorities. If there is any laxity shown by the police then pressure needs to be applied by the new Minister. Tolley’s frst task.

    • Mully

      Now, *that’s* an idea.

      Is there a process for this?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Tolley should be onto this like the Clarkbeast onto Ellen DeGeneres. 

  • kevin

    It would be MOST interesting to view the disallowed voting papers. Of the 425 ‘votes’ we don’t know the party trend, but we all know within what it would show.

  • Callum

    Those numbers just don’t add up to a Labour consiracy to me. 20 vote change means those 425 disallowed where fairly evenly spread between the parties so how does that mean Labour were behind it? If you are going to commit electoral fraud wouldn’t you at least make sure they voted for the right party????

    • Anonymous

      “If you are going to commit electoral fraud wouldn’t you at least make sure they voted for the right party?” 
      Well… If I were to put myself in Liarbore’s shoes, I’d try to “cover my tracks” by not making any fraud too obvious. That could be done by “suggesting” to “X” percent of people that they vote Labour, and to “X-Y” percent that they vote for another party. 
      See what I mean…… ?  ;) 
      You’d try to make the “Labour surplus” *just enough* that you think you should get over the finish-line first.
      If it worked, then great. If it didn’t, then at least the chances of your being found out are slim.  

      • Pita

        IT would be more telling where the party vote fell for the 425 disallowed rather than the electorate vote.

  • Granny

    Interesting that the recount allowed 10 more votes than the original official count, and that while Ms Sepuloni lost votes, all but the Libertarianz gained some.  

    Obviously Fruitvale School counters had a bit of trouble, with multiple candidates’ votes being added to the Sepuloni pile.

    • Anonymous

      Where does your information come from…I am curious and I have not seen any breakdown as yet.

      • Granny

        Published results in last week’s Herald, official recount on elections website.

        Fruitvale hat-tip to a flea lawyer from West Auckland.

  • Kosh103

    Well WO if you think your “proof” is so solid go to the cops. Put your money where your mouth is.

    • Troy

      Trevor, why the fuck should he?  As citizens shouldn’t we expect clarity and transparency in our elections.  You typical soft-cock leftie, fuck off and find a black labrador and do what you do best.

    • Thorn

      The police would not act even if Carmel Sepuloni and the nincompoop election strategist were to provide a joint sworn affidavit confessing to cheating.

      • Kosh103

        So you are suggesting that if presented with proof of electorial fraud the New Zealand Police would do nothing. Just ignore it.

        Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, whatever.

      • Thorn

        The NZ Police ignoring it, you bet –  why we need an Independent Commission Against Corruption – not the cops, nor the judiciary.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – the police are ignoring it. FFS what a load of right wing garbage.

        If there was REAL proof action would be taken. This is just smear tactics by the right.

  • Vicky

    I saw this woman door knocking on election day in Sunnyvale, Waitakere with some list on a clipboard and driving people to a polling station.


    When confronted in my local dairy about the legality of her actions she shouted at me to ‘f**k off and legged it.

    Skimming the borders of legality in my view and very very shady.

    • Anonymous

      It is quite lawful to bang on a voter’s door while wearing a rosette to remind the voter to vote or to offer the voter a ride to the polling booth in a car with coloured ribbons. It is not legal to tell the voter how to vote or hand the voter a ‘specimen’ marked up voting paper etc.

  • David

    Where exactly is the evidence that SHE had anything to do with it?  Where is the evidence that SHE cheated?  Where is the evidence that SHE tried to rort the system?  

    And don’t just point to the NZ Herald article, because no where in that does it say that Carmel Sepuloni cheated. 

    So again, I ask, where is this evidence?  

  • MrV

    As nasty as Carmel Sepuloni has demonstrated herself to be, I don’t see this amounting to any sort of systemic rort.
    If 425 votes were disallowed, they clearly did not all go to CS?

    • Joes

      Yeah, Cam’s a bit off on this one.

      Who’s saying the same # of votes are not disallowed in all electorates?

  • Agent BallSack

    Get statistics on other electorates’s disallowed votes and make comparisons. If there is dodgy dealing then the police should act if it is well over normally disallowed votes.

    • Kosh103

      According to Thorn the cops know there is something wrong but are ignoring it. The cops are apparently part of electorial fraud in NZ.

      Well at least in Thorns twisted mind.

      • Agent BallSack

        I think the cops are busy doing important things. For instance driving home the other night I saw 2 cop cars just down the road from my house, one had a trailer on the back with a Christmas tree on it – I thought ‘this must be some sort of community action ~ nice!’ Until I got closer and realised the Christmas tree was a fully grown & matured dope plant…Damn I thought, some bastards gonna have a sad Xmas! I would be interested to know what percentage of ‘hanging chads’ each electorate expects though. 

  • Anonymous

    The number of disallowed votes is very similar to other electorates. In most cases, people simply are not enrolled in the electorate they cast a vote in or they were not enrolled at all. Most of the disallowed votes would have been duly noted prior to the recount, so it should not have been a revalation after the judicial recount. It is noted that 9 people voted more than once. This is not a huge number and on its own one cannot attribute it to the candidate committing electoral fraud. Again most of these would have been picked up prior to the recount. These statistics in themselves offers no proof that any candidate broke the law.

    An electoral petition is not a recount but a petition to say that a candidate broke the law. If Labour want to go down this route, then arguably there are other electorates that the National party could petition with a far stronger case.

  • Rufus Hargreaves

    Anyone is allowed to vote.  On the day, if we couldn’t find them on any of the electoral rolls we had, then they were encouraged to cast a special vote.  In theory, when the specials were counted, they would be checked to see whether the person had in fact been enrolled to vote or not.  If not, the vote would not count. 

    So, sorry Cam.  But I wouldn’t read too much into the 393 ineligible votes.

    I would love to see Labour done for any electoral fraud and skullduggery, but don’t think this is an actual case of such.


  • Peter Wilson

    What on earth did Mike Williams mean with this comment:

    He said the change in result boiled down to a “pile of votes” allocated to
    Sepuloni that had erroneously included a small number for Bennett.

    • Troy

      He simply meant, the Septic Tank cheated – not unsual for the slack bitch that she is – she was so hungry for the seat that she lost her brain after the first recount – brain still lost.