$2000 for a shag!

Some guy paid $2000 for a shag:

Lonely Sandy could be the most expensive shag in New Zealand thanks to a little love from a Titirangi couple.

The injured pied shag was about to die in Sandy Bay, Port Charles, before it was rescued by the Davis family who paid $2000 to fly it to Green Bay’s NZ Bird Rescue Trust.

Narelle and Gavin Davis’ children, Ellie, 7, and Trent, 11, spotted the bird  in front of their Sandy Bay bach three weeks ago.

”It was waddling up the road like a duck.

”He was just really really skinny and small,” Narelle Davis says.

Oh it’s a bird….pftt and here was I thinking he was getting full service plus extras….all night. Perhaps some of my sex industry readers might like to tell me what sort of shag you get for $2000.

But sheesh…spending that much on a bloody shag…obviously they have never had one of these bastards take a full size snapper of a line as you are reeling it in. Not only that it’s a bloody Australian bird.

A quick wring of the neck and no one would have been none the wiser. Cactus is right about the lesson his kids have learned.


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  • Their money.

    Still at least it was not a possum.

  • fee

    I got $1500 for a suspension. You probably couldn’t call it a shag tho because he had to get himself off. Not worth it because the piercing on my knee got infected and now I have two round scars there.

  • 123456

    I think its really lovely what they did – good for them!!!!!

  • bb

    the kids only have learnt that mum & dad spent money on ridiculous pointless things. almost as bad as kiwisaver concept.

  • 123456

    it’s quite funny though that snapper fish actually originated from Australia as well!

  • John Sutton

    obviously your snapper are quite small then!

    • I’ve seen a shag gulp down a bigger than legal snapper

  • John Sutton

    well probably better in the shags gut than yours – you could do with some excersise dude!.