A bunch of can’ts

Nick K at No Minister writes about how Auckland has become a bunch of can’ts:

Want to have a cigarette in an Auckland park?  Can’t.

Want to walk your dog on the beach in Summer on a leash?  Can’t.

Want to buy a house, demolish it and build a modern house?  Can’t.

Want to buy some commercial property and build a fancy new building?  Looks like you can’t.

Want to ride your bike without a helmet along the footpath on Tamaki Drive?  Can’t.

Want to subdivide your land outside the Rural Urban Boundary and sell some sections to some first-home buyers?  Can’t.

Auckland – a city of Can’ts.

It reminds me of the time a Singaporean programmer told me that he had a solution to a particular problem but that he also did’t, by responding to my queries as to his ability to solve the problem: “Can can, cannot also can”.

Looks like Auckland is making the running for “cannot also can”.


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  • Travnz

    Lol 1st home buyers….what a lol….   

    • James Gray

      Regardless of whether they’re sold to actual first home buyers or not, the price of a second hand item is proportional to the cost of a brand new one…

      The Resource Management Act, done in the name of future generations, really just keeps the past ones in the money…

  • Gazzaw

    Helengrad revisited?

    Lightbulbs and showerheads next? 

  • Please note that smoking is still very legal in public places. They are only asking for a byelaw to ban it. That is like saying that the age of retirement is to increase because Labour wants it to increase.

    In any case smoking costs the Government lots of money. The smoking taxes only cover part of the costs of treating smokers. Of every two smokers one will die 7 or so years earlier (or is it 14). Perhaps we should let smokers smoke as much as they wanted but deny treatment for smoking related illness. After all there is such a thing as personal responsibly. 

    • Anonymous

      The government also takes 1 billion dollars in excise from the tobacco industry, thats the perfectly legal compliant tobacco industry.

      So I doubt the leger is a negative for the government

  • Steve and Monique

    Wharfies cant work, Ports cant operate,Labour cant win,And Unions are full of cunts(cants ,my bad).Auckland ,full of cants.

    • Johnboy

      What are Monique’s tits like Steve?

      • Rockfield

        You’ve probably got better JB ….


      • Thorn

        Better than your dead mother’s.

      • Super Guest

        What sort of comment is that? I take it you vote Labour, only Labour voters are that classless.

      • bb

        and jb sucks on his mothers titties still

      • Steve and Monique

        Figured there was some assholes on here,but looks like there is the odd cunt to.Fuck off,and troll some porn sites for your jollies.Wanker.

  • Anonymous

    “Want to ride your bike without a helmet along the footpath on Tamaki Drive?  Can’t.”

    Last I heard, it was a legal requirement for cyclists to wear a helmet, Tamaki Drive or not.

    As for dog owners… clean up your shit and maybe you’d get to walk your dog on the beach. I don’t know why dog owners think it’s okay for kids to dig up lumps of canine turd with their hands when they’re building sandcastles.

    • A-random-reader

      Bicycle helmets are only legally required for riding on the road. You are not legally required to wear a helmet on private property or on an off-road cycle-path (like Tamaki Drive).

      As an aside, it’s been calculated that the compulsory helmet law in NZ has actually increased the risks to cyclists by around 14%.

      There’s a good write-up on wikipedia if you want to know more:


  • Big Mac

    Isn’t lovely to see WO is balanced Kosh

    • Anonymous

      Why be balanced if one has an opinion? This is a right wing blog fool, not a neutral one. Go back to school.

      • motorizer

        you do surely realize that school is a full time left wing blog though….. neutrality would just be not to give a fuck at all, in this day and age.