A challenge from John Pagani

John Pagani has a challenge:

I challenge anyone to find a single intentionally funny sentence anywhere on this blog.

It is a toughie…doubt he will get a single entry.

I hope he runs a second competition to find something similar on The Standard.


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  • Guest

    I love it when the left eat their own. The size of Pagani’s puku shows he’s real good at it too.

  • I’m not so sure about The Standard WO; some of Lynn Prentice’s excuses for banning people while letting others keep up a relentless torrent of abuse are hilarious!

    But Pagani’s dead right about Malcolm’s blog. He must be the most humourless git in Palmerston North, which is saying something!

    • Dion

      Also his ramblings about machine thinking on the FAQ page – just in case you didn’t know how smart a programmer he is.

  • Argon
  • Neil Yvonne

    Just to see something positive on the blog would be good

  • Bob

    NRT also claims to be ‘blocked in China’ but if you test the site link it isn’t blocked at all.  I feel sorry that the great Chinese people are in fact able to read it…