A clear difference

Australians are increasingly seeing a clear difference in the main parties. The Liberals have clarity of purpose and focus on policy whereas the labour party is currently fighting off the perception they are deeply corrupt, fighting off scandals, out of touch, and desperate to stay in power.

Check out this speech by Brian Loughnane, the Federal Director of the Liberal Party:

Julia Gillard and Labor are obsessed with Tony Abbott. A typical Julia Gillard speech makes no mention of policy, provides no leadership or direction for the country but makes endless references to Tony Abbott. We must expect this to continue and to be a central part of Labor’s campaign as they try to avoid any scrutiny of their record, their internal divisions, their complete lack of policy and their alliance with the Greens.

As we all know, Labor is trying to pressure Tony Abbott and the Coalition to change course, to “understand” just how difficult minority government is and to support everything Labor does.

Again this sounds very reminiscent of our very own Labour party who have suffered and some still suffer from Key Derangement Syndrome. Julia Gillard’s increasingly shrill focus on personality politics is leaving voters with a bitter taste in their mouths.

The contrast with Tony Abbott could not be clearer.

Just compare his speech to the Liberal Party Federal Council in June last year to Gillard’s National Conference speech. Tony Abbott’s speeches are publically available on the Party’s website. In 2011 he made over 20 very significant speeches setting out the direction, priorities and policies for the economy under the next Coalition government. I invite any interested Australian to read them and compare them with Julia Gillard’s speeches over the same period and ask which Party really does have the policies, direction and leadership to grow our economy and improve the lives of all Australians.

In those speeches, Tony Abbott made clear the Coalition’s central objective is to restore hope, reward and opportunity for all Australians.

We will do this by growing our economy and strengthening our nation. We will help families get ahead by scrapping Labor’s damaging carbon tax to put downward pressures on rising prices, especially electricity, gas and fuel prices, to help reduce the cost of living pressures. We will reduce pressure on inflation and interest rates – by ending Labor’s waste, and paying back Labor’s debt and we will make sure the Government again lives within its means. As a result we will get taxes lower to help small businesses grow, create more jobs and build a bigger, stronger economy.

We will stop the boats and strengthen our borders. We will deliver better government and provide better services to families in health and education. We will help hard working Australians and small businesses to get ahead, and build a better life for themselves, and their families.

In his speeches Tony Abbott has made clear the priority for a Coalition Government will be to get the Budget back to surplus by ending waste and unnecessary spending so government debt can be reduced to take unnecessary pressure off interest rates. He has promised to help families and restore business confidence by abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax. We will make a real practical difference to the environment with a 15,000 strong Green Army, we will restore local control of public schools and hospitals, and we will build national infrastructure based on proper cost-benefit studies. We will protect private health insurance, and reduce red tape to help small business grow.


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  • Michael

    Echoes of Labour in 2008 where the whole campaign was “You can’t trust John Key”. Voters hate negativity, political commentators thought it missed the mark by a wide margin, and John Key strolled to an easy victory.

    The Coalition tried the same strategy in 2007 (using a “70% of Labor’s cabinet are union officials” line) and John Howard not only lost the election he lost his seat.If Labor think this is a successful strategy to win then it’s going to be a spectacular failure.