A Good Idea

Dirty, smelly, hippy Penny Bright says she is prepared to be jailed to defend lawful rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. She has put out a press release to that effect.

I’m in favor of this and think we should grant her wish and jail her.


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  • James Gray

    Nah fuck that. Lets not give these people more unwarranted attention

  • Gazzaw

    Are we really ready for her martyrdom? There will be vigils at the prison gates, she will go on a hunger strike (well supervised of course), Pravda will profile her & Campbell or Sainsbury canonise her. Oh, and she will write her memoirs.

    Ignore the old baggage – that would be her worst punishment.  

  • Anonymous

    Bad idea – it would cost the long suffering taxpayer. There must be a better way.

  • Anonymous

    You will notice she never does anything that will actaully see her in Court, Breach of the Peace shit wil never do this .  She’s more about the yelling screaming and attention whoring.

    Pathetic and sad

    • Anonymous

      True. She says she’s prepared to go to jail but as soon as the cops show up, she resists arrest and screams like a bloody banshee.

    • Dr Wang

      Exactly – you have summed her up perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    A very inappropriate name – Penny ***Bright***. 
    Not very, I’d say. 


    Ignore the stupid bitch,shes as mad as bat shit.Pepper spray,tazer,then remove,saves all the screaming.

  • GPT

    It’s a powerful claim. Shame her right to protest hasn’t been infringed. Stupid woman.

  • Elaycee

    Agree with the sentiments here – Penny is simply a fruit loop, loud mouthed narcissist who lurches from placard waving cause to placard waving cause. She stands for mayor / elections etc simply in an effort to gain attention. Her “mates” are the likes of Minto / Joe Carolyn et al – not exactly people you’d like to invite over to a BBQ. 

    Whilst I laughed at her on TV, it was pathetic to see a woman in her 60s dropping her lip and producing tears on cue – simply because she didn’t get her own way. 

    Nah – lock her up. I’ll happily pick up the tab. It means that we have another dissident / conspiracy theorist / moron off our streets. And off our screens. Good riddance.  

  • Notrotsky

    Attention whore

  • Thorn

    Penny knows even  if convicted, she will be discharged. Preferential treatment runs deep in our judicial system. What a pity Michael King is not around to expose this.

  • Mully

    Can we jail her in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia instead?


      Know someone who will pack her bags for her.Lets give her a trip to Bali.

      • Gazzaw

        One way ticket though.


        Enough hidden plant matter,and she wont need a ticket back

  • Chris

    I suggest “The Stocks !”

    She can yell and scream her heart out.

  • Readspeaknz

    I was a bit of a hippy you fat cunt 

    • Anonymous

      If you manage to make it into a shower this year, give your gob a good rinse out.

    • Alex

      LOL funny how “hippys” claim to espouse peace, love and goodwill, but then quickly go feral and resort to personal abuse when someone dares question their deluded beliefs.

    • Anonymous

      and still being a lot of a wanker I see

    • Thorn

      What did this achieve?

  • Johnboy

    Jail the bitch. She never did deliver my barbed wire!

  • Peter Wilson

    Not jail. How about a fine? Then it will be leaked as to what assets and income she has got.


      End up getting paid by the taxpayer via WINZ,after she drops the bill on there desks