A good pinko

The axe is swinging in the civil service in the UK on over-inflated pay:

Scores of top public sector salaries have been personally slashed by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, saving more than £1 million.

Danny Alexander said his interventions had cut the salaries of 45 new recruits, including £100,000 from the salary of Moya Greene, the Royal Mail chief executive.

Each position previously paid more than the Prime Minister’s salary of £142,000 per year, he said.

The senior Liberal Democrat revealed the figures in Treasury Questions in the Commons when he was pressed on what the Government was doing to tackle high public sector pay alongside efforts targeting private sector executives.

Liberal Democrat Stephen Williams had asked how the Government had used its influence to control pay in the public sector.

Mr Alexander said: “Ministerial salaries were cut by 5 per cent and then frozen for the whole of this Parliament.

Maybe we could borrow him to sort out Christchurch.


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  • Hakim of Phut

    Bugger Christchurch, he could be useful in Wellington. 

    Previous Commisioner of Police  was paid $500-509 K 
    Current commissioner is paid $770K – $779K.

    Thats not a 50K increase its a  $250 K increase

    As well the head of the Education Ministry has had a $150K increase.

  • Peter Wilson

    And we wonder why buying a house is so unaffordable for our children.

  • Ummm sorry to put a spoke in here, but are we talking cash salary only, or are we including monetary value of add on benefits as well as cash salary to arrive at a salary “package”. Apples with apples comparison?

    • Hakim of Phut

      For the NZ numbers I gave  ( from SSC) its  cash equivalent.

  • Paulus

    No public “servant” should earn more than the Prime Minister.

  • jay cee

    i disagree they, the public servants, actually make government work. whatever political party is in power it is the civil servants who are at the chalk face. you may have noticed that when a policy works its always the polly taking the credit,but if it doesn’t it is invariably the civil servant making the explanations.