A good politician tells the truth

No sugar coating the Falklands war. Maybe he should also point out that the Argentinian military junta fell after losing the war too.

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell (Romford) branded Argentina’s actions “wholly deplorable” and urged Mr Cameron to “remind Argentina they lost the Falklands War and that it’s up to the Falklanders to determine their own future”.

There is nothing more powerful than a “We won, you lost, eat that” style of brinksmanship.


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  • Argentina should remember that possession is 9 tenths of the law. 

    They can say what they like but:

    How many Islanders there want to join Argentina – about none.
    Did they send settlers to the Islands before the British did – no

    Still at least they have a civilian government which means that they probably will not be invading again – although a Military Government may do so. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    One of the after effects of the Falklands War was it bought about the removal of ALL the military dictatorships in S America.

    The only one left is run by that Buffoon Chavez in Venezuela.  He was elected in democratically but he is in effect a Military Dictator.

    The Brit forces on the Falklands + the nuke lurking off shore would be able to handle and Argie invasion

  • Anonymous

    I once had a read through wikipedia to determine whether Argentina has any kind of legitimate claim to the Falklands. The history of those islands is long, complex and boring. The conclusion I came to was that Argentine has not the slightest bit of credibility in their claim. I wonder if anyone knows of good, readable books about this topic?

    The Argie junta sent good men to die in a skirmish they never had any chance of winning. Their bluff was called, people died for no good reason. Accordingly, they can go suck on nuts.

  • Maybe we should apply that logic to the Maori of New Zealand?