A Knighthood for Bob Parker?

As readers know I have been collecting information about the Christchurch City Council and in the next few weeks I will be commenting further.

A rumour that has been coming through from a number of sources is that the Mayor offered to take the fall for any Earthquake stuff ups in exchange for a job after he stop being mayor and a knighthood.

This does not seem right for a man who hasn’t actually done anything other than stand in front of TV and talk. He will deserve a knighthood if he leads a successful rebuild, but until he does this rumour should stay just a rumour and there should be no “Arise Sir Bob”.

It also does not seem right that a Knighthood can be traded for taking political flak. Knighthoods need to be for a lifetime of service and contributing to the community, not taking the heat out of a political situation other politicians.


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  • Just Right

    Hi cock ups are not just earthquake related. The Henderson property purchase is a stunning case of incompetence or worse

  • Anonymous

    I think there would be riots in Christchurch if Parker got a knighthood.

  • Gazzaw

    Fuck off Bob. That sort of stuff reeks of Tony Blair’s price list for knighthoods & earldoms.

    I am all for the restoration of a decent honours system but to knight Parker would totally devalue the title. It’s a bit like getting an AB jersey for coming off the bench for five minutes. Line Parker up against other NZ knights – Sir Peter Leitch, Sir Peter Blake, Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Robert Parker?? It doesn’t really ring true does it? 

    Citizens of Christchurch. Get ready to go to the barricades!

    And just as an afterthought. Why should he get a cushy sinecure as well? Parker will always find a convenient trough, he doesn’t need our help. 

    • Angry Croc

      Sir Micheal Fay, Sir Roger Douglas, Sir Ron Brierly, Sir Bob Jones et al. Great examples of knightly honour.

      • phronesis

        Certainly are!

      • Gazzaw

        I don’t disagree with you. I just said that there are more good examples than bad & why would you add Parker to the list.

  • Winny

    The upstart prick should stick to This is Your life …………..Fuck Off Bob

    • adybombs

      Works for me, put Bob back on This is Your Life and send the self important gnome to Christchurch to be mayor.

  • Lofty

    There are plenty of Knights in this country unworthy of the title, and have done a hell of a lot less than Bob Parker.

    One of them is spitting the dummy as we speak cause he cannot make another fortune off the backs of mum & dad kiwi.

    • Gazzaw

      And there are plenty more that are very worthy………………

      We don’t need the system cheapened. Parker has done an adequate job as mayor during the quakes but his presentation skills have made him look like the second coming. 

      I agree totally with your last comment.

  • Tony

    This is still only a rumour remember. I would be quite surprised that something so sensitive (that if it actually occurred) would have gone outside the 9th floor. So, either it was made up by Parker’s enemies (no shortage of those) or the PM leaked it to make such a course of action impossible.

  • starboard

    Side show bob is an inept idiot of the highest order. He couldnt run a bath and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Aw yeah… and his missus looks like a bloke.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll get crucified here but I don’t have a problem with Bob getting a knighthood. Living here in Chch he did bloody well in the aftermath of the EQ’s. The amount of information he had and needed to get across, while doing it in a way that did re-assure us was something that sticks out in my mind (opp’s another aftershock’s just come through).

    Sorry, back to it.

    Who would have done a better job than him? Jim Anderton? And before the winging wankers come along and tell us it was all a part of his job, where was it written he would have to guide us through the wreaking of our city and the levelling of our CBD? I would hate to have had his job in those dark days. For that alone (even though he’s done things I don’t agree with) I believe he should get a knighthood for the way he kept us together while our city wept.

    • Not a Parker fan but…

      totally agree DavCav. Too many people with short memories around here. He did a bloody good job in those early days but hey, people don’t like compliments, only the chance to whinge.

    • Roscoe

      No one would ever deny that Bob Parker is a good television personaility what is being questioned is his role as the Mayor, his shocking behaviours with Tony Marryatt and the acts of a dysfunctional council.  For that he must NEVER be given a knighthood they have collectively bankrupted Christchurch both emotionally and financailly.  .

    • Flying Gabriel

      You need to get over your cognitive dissonance and stop justifying to yourself why you voted for him.  I found nothing Bob Parker had to say during the earthquake reassuring. It was simply a de-facto one-candidate election campaign.  The guy couldn’t believe his luck. 

      But if you like someone to sing you a lullaby when tucking you into your cot . . . so be it.  Just be aware it’s shallow, impressionable and uninformed voters like yourself that give the rest of us such a headache. You’re a godsend for the slick PR machine . . . Get off your lazy ass and educate yourself . . . elections are not a reality TV show.

    • Jojo

      Can someone who thinks Parker did a great job please be specific about what it was that he did so well? Asides from introducing the experts at press conferences.

    • Tita

      It’s the forte of the narcissist. They love to shine in a crisis but it’s all about their image.

  • Balanced View

    Here here Whale, couldn’t agree with you more and looking forward to your findings re: the Christchurch City Council

  • bb

    bob parker – no results just lots of airtime in the fluro jacket where appropriate. one word – useless.  shame on you bob. your people are still using portaloos while you still claims a fat salary for doing nothing. knighthood my arse!

  • Gazzaw

    Bob did not seem overjoyed with Nick Smith’s announcement on TV One tonight about the Claytons Commissioner.

    • Southshore

      No you’re right he is struggling to stop the lip quivering these days – there is such rage and anger under his skin –  he even sort of rolled his eyes, like a petulant teenager when Nick Smith was making the announcement!  I really think he has lost the plot!  Parker and Marryatt have just made monkeys out of Nick Smith and Gerry Brownlee I fear.

  • Ploughman

    Bob stuffed up in his role so badly before the earthquakes that he was going to lose the mayoral elections big time.  The earthquakes enabled him to do what he does well – act as a front man.   But soon after this sterling performance (and it was a performance)  he back to doing what he likes to do – running the place with Tony and ignoring Council.
    Bob was the leader of the mayoral group that attacked Environment Canterbury so that the mug government sacked them and replaced them with Commissioners.  Now Nick Smith (and others) are stuck with the lie that was used as the reason for the sacking – the lack of a water policy.  This is a real lie and government should drop it like a hot potato.
    No knighthoods for people who set governments up and I am suspicious of parties that run roughshod over democracy for trumped-up up reasons.

  • stephen

    Quite possibly the first time ever I have agreed with a post on this blog ;)

    • stephen

      Ok I should correct that now after reading a few more recent posts tagged “bob parker”. Should read “Quite possibly the first time ever I have agreed with a series of posts on an issue on this blog”.

  • Roscoe

    Well well I have just been directed to Facebook page on just this subject..  I’ll be. …
    Some well meaning soul no doubt.

  • Cynic

    For those that thought he did a good job on TV, standing in front of the rubble of other people’s livelihoods after September 4th 2010-
    Do you remember that Mr Parker was telling the Nepalese, via the UN, how good our NZ earthquake code was – in December 2010, whilst we were having a Boxing Day quake.
    Now think carefully, when did February 2011 22nd earthquake happen. i left you a clue.

  • Al

    Poor Bob Parker is loathed in Christchurch and the people cant get rid of him soon enough.

    People are very fired up and determined to clean this Council cirus up.

  • Mark L

    The bob and Tony show is making Christchurch a laughing stock.

    Smith and Brownlee really insulted them with the hairbrained deal Friday.

    And to put old Kerry Marshall former Mayor of Tasman in there as some sort of “fixer” is beyond belief. It is well known that Marshall just let the CEO do what he liked when he was Mayor of Tasman.

    The Christchurch Council is so dysfuncrtional, it needs major sugery. Its completely incapacitated with bloat and Marryatt not managing anything other than manipulating Councillers – when hes not on the golf course.

  • Ploughman

    Savage increases in pensioner rents, that were later declared illegal by the courts; the Music Conservatorium fiasco; the Flower Show – millions for a name and with clauses in the deed of sale imposing a hated Auckland management company; the Henderson purchases; the red sticker nonsense; bloated staff for Council tasks – 15 plus for the Busker’s Festival – it used to be run superbly by just two; and the list of incompetence, mismanagement and poor chairmanship goes on, and on and….
    But he has been badly served by senior staff – I have just heard the “Democracy Manager” (what a laugh that term is) talk porkies on the National Programme over the Joe Bennett case.
    Perhaps it should be Good Night” for Bob.