A nation of makers

Clare Curran has written a post, well it is pretty much a cut/paste from the ODT about Jade Software.

She waxes lyrical about how great they are…and they are, don’t get me wrong…but I wonder if she would have been so bold had she checked out who their Chairman was.

Still if anyone knows about “a nation of makers” it is Ruth Richardson, now endorsed by Clare Curran:

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  • Gazzaw

    5 January – didn’t take too long for labour’s first SMOG of 2012.

  • Super Guest

    Curran is a special kind of dumb.

  • Anonymous


  • Just for the record, the website needs to be updated. Ruth Richardson’s title is now Dr the Hon Ruth Richardson, having had an honorary doctorate conferred on her by the University of Canterbury (her Alma Mater) at the graduation ceremony in December where my daughter received her degree. Ruth Richardson’s speech to the graduates was an excellent one.

    • Peter Wilson

      Do people awarded honorary doctorates actually use them in the real world? I might be a bit naive but that doesn’t seem right to me.

      • Super Guest

        I think it comes down to choice. You have the ability to use it, but, it’s good form not to.

      • Mooloo

        No they don’t neither would Ruth Richardson she is above that. Years ago i worked for Blokewith a title in Dorset England. I found out his title had been handed down, I never called him sir after that. he didn’t complain some of the local yokels did but.

      • Alex

        No they cannot use the title “Dr”; they can only use PhD (Hon Causa).

      • Pharmachick

        Whoops, sorry Alex … I see you got there before me.

    • Pharmachick

      No IV2, they’re not allowed to use the title/prefix “Dr.”… that is actually an earned honorific. But they are allowed to include Ph.D. (Hons causa) after their names in their official correspondence and on official documents. 

  • Anonymous

    The mother of all fails…..

  • Catwoman

    Bloody Red Alert – I made a nice comment on there at 9.25 this morning basically agreeing with Whale’s comments.  STILL UNDER MODERATION!  What is the Communist Party scared of?

  • Rockyr

    And the managing director is one Craig Richardson.

  • Scanner

    Didn’t take long three day into the New Year before the first bullet through the foot, remind me again what Clare did for a job before she became an MP.

    • Catwoman

      Give her a chance, she is probably having trouble lining up the other foot……….

  • Gazzaw

    Maybe her predecessor should have shown her what to do with a tennis ball.

    • Scanner

      Not sure about the tennis ball, but I believe she could mange the trick with a ping pong ball.