A recipe for Cactus

This is extremely unlikely in the Cactus household, firstly because there probably never be any left over champagne and secondly because it involves cooking…unless the maid did it.

A recipe for champagne marshmallows:

When you’re not feeling especially celebratory, make these with any sparkling wine or even beer (for a whole different animal!). If you’d rather just make a plain ol’ marshmallow, check out that recipe here. Leave the vanilla out to let the champagne flavor shine through, or use it to soften the champagne’s tartness. If you like the idea of “champagne and roses,” whip in a little rose flower water at the end of mixing, with or without the vanilla.

champagne marshmallows


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  • Oswald Bastable

    Leftover bubbles is like ‘spare change’- there ain’t no such animal!

  • Cgs1972

    She must be Lovely Cam!