A valid point

Cactus Kate must be really annoyed. She has completed two posts inside 24 hours. She raises some valid points about the last vestiges of any credibility The Standard might have had:

When a blog unsuccessfully attacks on a conspiracy basis Whaleoil and myself on the right and then to the left Mallard, Curran and Pagani – and we have all spent time successfully refuting all conspiracy theories as nonsensical.

You have to ask – do The Stranded have any credibility left as a blog?

The new leadership of Labour could do nothing better than to ensure that no Labour staffers are involved in authoring, associated with or handing information to such a rag tag discredited anonymous unaccountable blog. The only reason the posters are anonymous is to protect their employment. Lynn has been clear about this. Which is code for they all have political positions and shouldn’t be blogging in the first instance, least of all attacking their mates on the left.

The same goes for The Greens if Mallard’s claim as to the identity of Zetetic is correct. To do this both organizations will have to find out who is authoring the sort of posts above under anonymous pen names and staining the left with inaccuracy, conspiracy and attacking even their own with lies.

Kind of ironic really The Stranded takes so many pot shots at Red Alert.


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  • Notrotsky

    Has Mallard out Zetetic ?

    • Notrotsky

      Bah ‘outed’

  • Petal

    Leave the Standard bloggers to it.  Keeps them off the street.  You might consider never visiting the blog again as an alternative.

  • Hakim of Phut

    What about the great  RW bloggers conference at  ‘the farm’  outside Wellington, that yourself, Cactus, the Blonde one ,  Farrar and others attended early last year.
     Did you all just happen  to end up down a dusty road for the sake of it.

    • Cactus Kate

      ??? No such event. Take more drugs.

    • Super Guest

      The paranoia of you people is incredible. As is how gullible you buy into conspiracy theories.

  • Paulus

    Red Alert has died an expected death. It has been piss poor as a spokesperson for The Buggered Duck and Chewy Curren. Many of my comments, sometimes really relevant, never got published as they contrary to what they wanted to hear – censorship of course.
    Goodbye Red Jerk.
    Standard more easy to piss off as has greater audience

  • Gazzaw

    Just had a look at Red Alert – the first since Christmas. Jeez, Trev is hardly flavour of the month currently.

  • Anonymous

    “You have to ask – do The Stranded have any credibility left as a blog?”To be honest I didn’t think they had any to begin with!