About time

The dirty hippies at Occupy Auckland are being rounded up today:

Two protesters have been arrested for refusing to leave the Occupy Auckland protest site at Aotea Square.

The pair attempted to retrieve tents from the back of a van after they were seized by security staff van and were subsequently arrested by police.

They refused to stand and had to be dragged some of the way to a waiting police van.

All but a couple of tents had been removed down but a handful of protesters refused to allow their tents to be taken.

They were told by security staff contracted by Auckland Council that they would be issued further notices within 24 hours.

Council staff, backed by 20 to 30 police, descended on Aotea Square and three other Occupy Auckland site this morning, issuing notices in a bid to rid the central city public spaces of the campers once and for all.

About time. Of course John minot has piped up in support of the vagrants:

Veteran protestor John Minto, who was one of the first to pitch tent in Aotea Square, said the eviction was “piggish” behaviour from Auckland Council.

He rejected a an accusation the protestors were intefering with council events and public enjoyment of parks.

“That’s just bulls**t. That’s just lies – rubbish. They’d just prefer not to have banners and placards in parks.

“The Occupy movement has not intefered whatsoever with the rights of the public. It may have looked an eyesore from Len Brown’s window.”

Whatever John, tell it to the megaphone.


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  • Grandstream

    If the smelly hippies collecting a benny were unwilling to work or be avaialabe for work during teh last 101 days, does there benny get cut ?  They obvioulsy had no living costs during this time as they squatted in the square living of donations.  Will they now try an occupy a job ?

  • Lesley

    Is John Minto still a teacher?

    • Grandstream

      Isn’t he still kissing John Hadfields backside as a mana party parasite ?

    • Scanner

      Just like KOSH103, say no more.

    • Angry Croc

      He is not Kosh103 by any chance?

    • Anonymous

      Was he ever a teacher?

  • Firehose

    looks like a job for the fire brigade – not the police, high pressure wash those smelly rope heads

    • Scanner

      Mix some soap in with the water, the smelly pricks will be gone faster than you can say you’re banned at the Standard

  • Scanner

    Now clean up the mess this shit has left behind and deduct the cleanup costs from the pests benefits.
    After all why should the taxpayer pay this shit to make the mess then have to pay to clean it up.

  • Agent BallSack

    Maybe Len ‘Eye’ Brow has finally realised that to lead, you sometimes have to make unpopular decisions. He’s definitely received a shellacking from the left over the last couple of weeks.

    • Grandstream

      De Javu – Dick Hubbard ?

  • Gazzaw

    Was Penny there for the camera crews?

  • Steve and Monique

    John Minot (Minto) is a hack! How someone can earn a living shit stirring is beyond me – mind you, it worked for the unions I guess – or did it…..?

    • Thorn

      I suspect progressive mental illness.

       Minto has an over inflated sense of self worth which carries over into a sense of entitlement. He lacks empathy which enables him to be extremely exploitative of others He believes he can only be understood by by brilliant people but will associate with those whose real talent is knowing not to threaten him. He is deeply threatened by powerful people who are independent, strong-minded, results-orientated, and generally do not suffer fools gladly. People with Minto’s  disorder are often lawyers or teachers, as this provides legitimacy to use their knowledge of the law and  formalities to bully those who do not acknowledge their imagined genius.  It is very difficult for Minto with these disorders to ever take responsibility for his actions and he will consistently rationalise his actions, invariably on the premise of the end justifies the means. He hates criticism given a low self-esteem and people who oppose him are categorised as  enemies who have to be knocked down to size. He is what he claims his enemies to be, a soulless tyrant.Hopes this helps.

      • Anonymous

        In other words a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies?

      • Anonymous

        That a great definition for Minto… nearly as good as the one for Santorum.

      • Grandstream

        Don’t forget that Minot has a deep seated hatred of himself and all white people, who by accident of birth were not born into an oppressive regime – this explains why he is always looking for a regime that is oppressing its people. UFC

      • Anonymous

        pretty sure its Munter

      • Anonymous

        Jeepers Thorn, with profiling skills like that ,you don`t work for the FBI by any chance?

  • Cue the whingeing and squealing from the hard Left at Len Brown; Penny Bright has already jumped in at Happy Feet’s blog, and I doubt that Martyn Bradbury and Malcolm Harbrow will be silent for long about the “class traitor”…

    • Super Guest

      I think being a class traitor is a good thing. It means you’ve gotten yourself out of the working class malaise and are providing more for your family.

    • Gazzaw

      Great. Socialist in-fighting is getting to be a national sport. Three major scraps in three months – labour leadership, MUNZ v POaL, hard Left v Brown.  Should be a good year. 

  • Allan

    I am absolutely sick of these bludging bastards camping on and ruining a very pleasant area of the city.  They should have been moved months ago.  Enough of the pussy footing around with these clowns just get rid of them and if they persist in returning throw them in the clink, also remove any benefits that they are on.  Perhaps then they may wake up and smell the roses and attempt to earn a living like the rest of the hard working taxpayers of NZ.  Minto is a waste of space and I am continually amazed that the MSM give him oxygen.

  • Grandstream

    amazing to hear the whinging stinking bums claiming the police were violating property righst by taking tents etc….they spend 101 days protesting property rights of the rich, and instantly claim those rights when  they are in need – F**ken parasites !

  • Bozonz

    I watched video of them getting arrested and i lol’d.  They only got like 17 warnings that if they don’t move their tent they’ll get arrested.  What happens? ignore everything, get arrested and then blame police.  lol, talk about victim mentality

  • jay cee

     they ,the original protestors, should have moved out and called it a day when the first vagrants pitched their tent. it was at that point that the whole idea looked silly.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but in the middle of the world cup in would have been a PR disaster for Lenny, even worse than it is now.

  • Vikingonmars

    Few of them are Kiwi’s anyway. Listen to their accents.

  • Bob

    Ha ha ha Penny ‘not so bright and a bit thick’ Bright got herself arrested defending her tent… Pity they didn’t use the pepper spray and give her a tickle with a taser… give the silly bitch something to really complain about!!

  • Mark Reddit

    This all reminds me of kids throwing their toys out the cot when they dont get their way