Adult sentencing for adult crime

The Turangi rapist is going to be sentenced in the District Court rather than the Youth Court:

The sex attack on a sleeping five-year-old girl at a Turangi campground was so severe that the teenager who committed the crime will be sentenced in court as an adult.

The 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty in Taupo Youth Court yesterday to charges of sexual violation by rape, causing grevious bodily harm and burglary after attacking the girl, a tourist, in a caravan at Club Habitat holiday park on December 21.

The boy, who cannot be named, was led to the courthouse with a blue towel draped over his head. He entered his guilty pleas standing outside the dock, wearing a blue shirt and tie. His mother and father and seven other family members remained silent as they watched from the public gallery.

At the time of the attack, the girl’s family were on an extended holiday through New Zealand.

That night, her parents had gone to the amenity block only metres from the caravan. When the mother returned, she found the door locked and saw a man lying on her daughter. She screamed and ran to find her husband, but when they returned the person had fled. The boy was arrested a week later.

The court was told yesterday that a family group conference had been held last weekend with the boy, his family, and a Victim Support member representing the girl and police. The group concluded he should be sentenced in a higher jurisdiction than Youth Court.

In court, Judge Jocelyn Munro said sentencing under the Youth Court would not be offered after the boy’s guilty plea.

“The seriousness of the offending is such that no sentence in the Youth Court would be adequate,” she said. “The age and vulnerability of the victim and the seriousness of the violence perpetuated against the victim are such that the appropriate sentence would likely exceed any district court summary jurisdiction.”

The pity is that this guy will spend 12 -15 years behind bars and come out of jail in his 30s. No good will ever come of him. I hope his name suppression is removed on sentencing so we can then all see the photos and things he has posted all over Facebook.


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  • Orange

    And now we’ve got a psychopath on the loose in Roskill :(

  • Mike

    12-15 years? I doubt his actual time spent in jail will amount to more that 5.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Mike. You can guarantee (unfortunately) that the piece of sh*t will be out in 5 years or less.

    • Luciano Provoct

      The dog that bit teh 3 year old has been put down  !  Justice in that case, but not here… can be assured when the name and history of this piece of excrement you will will see that his whanau are equally as culpable !  I dont care who you are, but a 16 year old “good boy” just doesnt wake up one day and carry out this sort of attack on an innocent child.

      • Mike

        Agreed. I have no doubt he is a product of his environment.

    • Paulus

      MIke – but he will be welcomed by his own kind in Adult jail.
      Castrate the bastard not chemically.

      • bb

        i hear child rapists in jail are a target for the big boys looking for bitches – lets hope thats the outcome.

      • Gazzaw

        bb, I have the suspicion that he may just be a gang prospect so he will probably get all the protection that he needs. That’s if he gets put in the right wing of the jail of course. One can always hope for an admin error.


    only removal from this life would be an adequate sentence. oh but wait he will get some BS sentence, then Garth McVicar will moan but do fuck all as usual, then this pice of shit will get out of jail and be even more nastier than before and he will commit an even more hedious crime and it will be reported as the system failed him!! NZ wake up – these people need to be removed from society forever. when are we going to learn?

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. It doesn’t matter if he is given 1 year or 15 years – the latter more likely to appease the world media – we all know he will be out in 2 – 3 years. We all know he will be another Junior Bailey Kurariki where we all wait knowing full well that someone else innocent out there will lose their life because of our silly justice system.

      • Kurariki is probably not a good example Deadstiff, as his behaviour is prison was so bad that he ended up serving pretty much his entirte sentence of seven years.

        Quintin Hogg suggested the other day that the sentence is likely to be in the region of 14 to 15 years, and I would not be at all surprised if there is a significant non-parole period. I strongly doubt that this offender would get out at one third of his sentence. And given the low status of kiddy-fiddlers in prison, he won’t do it easy.

      • GPT

        Inventory – starting point in the 14 year region – 25% discount for early guilty plea and 8% for remorse, he might get a small amount for youth although Court of Appeal authority says that should not be a large factor where serious violence.  For what it is worth, and this is no more than an educated guess based on media reports, I am picking an end sentence of around half his life to date.  Kuraiki is an extreme example as he is, and was, a lost cause.  For memory family were busted trying to smuggle dope into him. 
        Whether this person can be rehabilitated time will tell but the reality is deterrence and denounciation have to take precedence when the offending is this horrendous.

      • Quintin Hogg

        We will find the sentence is on 23 February which is the prize giving date.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Quintin, I was disturbed reading R v Hessell, the size of the ” discount” this thing could get off his start point,given that this is his first offense at district court level.
        Is the Judge likely to impose an MPI, and if so, what size?
        Disclaimer: no legal background, I was an electronic weapon specialist, but this has sickened me enough to make me do some homework.

    • Alfred Pierrepoint

      given my extensive knowledge in these matters, not only do i have the solution, i would be more than happy to assist in the learning process.

      • Agent BallSack

        Please botch the job, Alfred.

    • Exclamation Mark

      “then Garth McVicar will moan but do fuck all as usual,”

      Oh do fuck off.  What exactly do you want him do?  Start killing criminals Punisher style?

      I guarantee Garth has done more to ensure criminals stay in jail longer and done more to support victims of crime than you ever fucking will.

  • Trevormallardsucksmyballs

    Come on guys – Bailey Junior Kurariki did time – and he turned out just fine.  The system works.

    Perhaps we would be better putting them down.

    • GPT

      He was stuffed when he went in as a kid and stuffed when he came out as an adult.  He was offered help

  • Justin

    It a pity they can’t spade him at the same time

    • Mike

      What do you mean? Hit him with a spade? Bury him with a spade?

  • Lofty

    Justin the word is spey mate, (sorry to sound like a spelling nazi) and I agree.
    Chemical castration would be a better way as apparently, and I stand to be corrected, it takes away “urges”.

    • Paul Rain

      Actually, it’s ‘spay’. Heil!

      • Lofty

        Mein Gott you are correct Paul.

      • Cadwallader

        My dictionary allows “spey” as well as “spay” so you’re both right about the spelling and your desire to cut this little pricks balls off!

      • insider

        Don’t you spey a female and neuter a male?

    • A couple of river rocks banged together hard would do as well

      • monkeyboy

        Rusty spoon treatment, I say.  Nothing is too good for this guy!  What a bastard!  There is no defence for this kind of crime.  No excuse.

  • This guy should go straight to his Facebook account and delete everything in it at once. Otherwise the moment suppression is lifted ……..

    I suppose that all we are waiting for now is the probation report and then we can find out what sentence he will get. 

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t matter whats on his facebook page really. Besides, you can’t just go onto anyones page if they have security settings that require you to be friends first.

      I highly doubt facebook is on his mind right now, he’ll be more worried how wide his arse is going to get stretched.

      • Pharmachick

        Doesn’t matter if he starts deleting now … the “interwebs” has a memory… its called “cache” and also, “screen shot”

      • Anonymous

        seems i missed the facebook ‘episode’.

        Pharmachick, what

      • EX Navy Greg

        lets just say his profile photo speaks a thousand words.heh!

        It’s up on imagevenue

      • Anonymous

        Greg, is it public? now I’m curious to see

      • EX Navy Greg

        Not sure if this is going to work.. heres my favourite guitarist,note the name.

          [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

      • Anonymous

        cheers EX Navy Greg worked, fully understood.

  • meh

    Hope he doesn’t drop the soap

    • Gazzaw

      Hope he does.

  • SIM

    Can’t wait to hear the KARMA bus got this boy! Hopefully in jail..?
    Name and shame him I say. Being sentenced in the District Court means he is a big boy now. 

    • Uncle Bully

      I dont like to admit this, but it is almost pleasing to know that he will know what that little girl went through as some large gang member with no teeth gives him a taste of his own medicine !

      • monkeyboy

        Sometimes that’s the best punishement, eh?  An eye for an eye…

  • EX Navy Greg

    He will be sent to a “youth facility” until he is 18, then transferred to a segregation unit at an adult prison where he will spend 2-3 years bullying and intimidating 70 year old kiddy fiddlers before he is unleashed on society again. Bailey junior Kurariki mark 2.

  • hang him

    Whats his record up to now, I would suggest he has done this before, but youth records are not taken into account or are sealed aren’t they. With a judge who thinks if he dresses nice thats  okay, he may only get a wet bus ticket. Hang him cheaps option.

    • EX Navy Greg

      Recidivist burglar

  • monkeyboy

    So how long does this name supressions BS stay?  He’s admitted to the crime after all.

    • Gazzaw

      Probably turn out to be permanent suppression to protect the mana of his whanau or some such silly technicality.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    When will the cogsucker media stop calling him a boy?
    He is old enough to drive a motor vehicle if he is licensed. They don’t give ‘boys’ a drivers’ license do they? Maybe they do

  • Fuck I know it’s not meant to be funny but I’ve got Parkinsonian like tremors from the laugh this is giving me – “River rocks” and “cogsucker” near finished me off. 
    Contrast this string with a similar one on Facebook with the ladies mostly weighing in: The first poster calling for a de-bollocking gets told off by the rest of the knitting circle for meeting violence with violence. It descends into verbal hair-pulling quicker than you can say, “meat and taties”.   
    They should definitely spade him. Have got the required garden implement in the garage.  

  • Boss Hogg

    Back to my old basics – – two words — Singapore Law.

    The Cane was introduced to Singapore by the British, in a somewhat Confucian way it works for the greater good and a few criminals suffer so it is deemed good and has been kept.  Hanging – also British introduction – also works.  They have hung approx 400 since 2001. 

    And one current slogan is “Low crime is not no crime”

    An early guilty plea should mean an early hanging not a more lenient sentence in a cosy hotel with meals and recreational drugs. 

    I was told by an ex crim once that after the first lag you are not just a crim, but you have had time to think and you then leave prison as a crim with a plan.  And they call it “Corrections”.  Get back to Justice.

    Makes me puke.  Just Kill Them.

  • Dr Wang

    Unless the cops photographed escorting him in and out of court are all little shortarses, he is one BIG boy.

  • Lofty

    Steve from the north shore..I sucked a cog once…very fucken metallic, but with teeth ;-)

    I also sucked a very nice ladies….(oops a story for another day)

  • mister nui

    I like how whale says this;

    “I hope his name suppression is removed on sentencing so we can then all see the photos and things he has posted all over Facebook.”

    Clearly Whale already knows his name and has been collecting screenshots already for the big day.

    Good onya whale!

  • Duncan

    I just hope the District Court Judge takes the time ass Judge Jocelyn Munro did to comment on how nicely dressed he is so he doesn’t feel threatened by the judicial process. Nothing like a nicely dressed child raper.

    • Boss Hogg

      This must jump to the High Court.  District Courts do not deal with this type of crime.  Some QC will jump in to defend this evil person to get in the news, no doubt.  All wrong.

      My favorite legal jurisdiction – Singapore – does not have jury trials for these types of criminals.  One Judge can hang you based on the evidence provided.

      Like the Nike slogan – Just Do It !!!

      Last year six youths in Singapore kicked a guy yo death in a park.  All six got charged with murder.  On appeal one got “Let Off” with 10 lashes and 20 years.  The other five hung………..

      More power to Garth…………….

      • Gazzaw

        No fears of recidivism eh Boss? Very cost effective too. Excellent Singaporean pragmatism.

        We can’t of course forget that the Turangi shitbag will no doubt appeal his sentence. If for no other reason his ‘Guilty’ plea has meant slim legal aid pickings so far.

      • Boss Hogg

        Gazzaw, I have been back in NZ for 5 weeks from living in Singapore for the last year and just see the same shit going on.  No progress, no improvement on these social issues and it can be fixed with some strong action.  The NZ society will never have the stomach for it, so it it will all just go on.

        Not sure when I want to come home……. a very sorry state that we have.

        I wish every Pollie would read and understand what Lee Kuan Yew has done and written.

      • Quintin hogg

        Boss, won’t happen.
        The DC and HC have concurrent sentencing jurisdictions for sexual offenses. So the outcome of the sentencing will be the same. Also for practical purposes the offender will be sentenced sooner in the DC as the HC does not sit as frequently in Rotovegas as the DC.
        Because of Rv AM and Hessel the outcome of the sentencing is pretty much done and dusted, notwithstanding the wishful thinking of some of the commenters here.
        I should add that decisions such as R vAM and Hessell which set guidelines are a response to perceptions of soft sentences, and make up for the absence of a sentencing council which would have established similar sentencing guidelines.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Totally agree Boss (happy new year BTW) last time I was in Singa’s the boys (not me of course) decided to raise the rafters a little in the orchard towers area. To cut a long story short , we got a clobbering with f**king BIG batons from Singapore’s finest, followed by a night in the tank, followed by a very good breakfast, a slap on the hand , and a handshake and good wishes from our victors. Much respect here for the people, and the way they administer justice.
    P,S. Ships company is BANNED for 12 months , heh!

    • ConwayCaptain

      Unfortunately Ex Navy Greg Singers is what is was like in the “good old days”

      They have turned it into the worlds biggest shopping mall and v boring.

      Bugis Street no more and all the old traders houses pulled down.

  • gazzaw

    Boss, I first went to Singapore in 1971 on business and 40 years on I still have very close links with the country. I spent nine years working for a major Singapore/Malaysian company which necessitated frequent & quite lengthy visits. I  have huge respect for the Lee family and the amazing city state that they have played such a significant role in building.

    You are right though in saying that Kiwis would never accept their style of government. I believe the silent majority would but this country has too many liberal fucktards who would see their roles in our society exposed for what they are. 

    • Boss Hogg

      Cheers Men.  C Captain – there are still a few dusty corners around town, but you are fundamentally correct.  Greg – Happy new year to you also.  Heading back on Monday.  Keep in touch.  Gaz – Singas, From third world to first in one genration (LKY book title) is what they achieved.  It feels like the liberals have achieved the reverse for NZ.  Words fail me for these pathetic people.

      Quintin – thanks for the clarification on DC vs HC.

      Keep doing the good work gents – someone has to……………..

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