An Empty Magazine Law?

Looks like we have yet another violent incident involving Vitamin P.

The man shot by police in South Auckland after pepper spray and tasers failed to stop him yesterday is in a stable condition in hospital today.

Willy Smith was taken to Middlemore Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot in both legs following a domestic incident in Clendon Park

Shrugging off pepper spray and a taser…very highly likely Vitamin P involved.

Wouldn’t it be better just to have a law that says that Police should empty their magazine if they have to fire so we make sure bad guys go down and stay down.


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  • Alex

    I’m awaiting the follow up article with South Auckland man saying “I’m not a violent person….the Police used excessive force” etc etc

  • Thorn

    The Ruger Redhawk Alaskan 454 Casull would get the desired result, without the waste of further taxpayers’ money. 

    • Honcho

      If your going out to achieve something, its best you set your sights on over achieving that something. However anything would be better then a sissy 9mm. My sidearm of choice would be a Colt 1911 .45 ACP, after personally delighting myself with a wide selection of tasty offerings on my last business trip stateside, if I was a realist, issued a standard issue sidearm, then that would be it.

      Im disappointed with the cop, hitting him in the thigh is hardly the crims centre of mass, I would be behind police given more opportunities (and freedoms) to use their glocks, both in controlled environments (every major centre should have a range), and also in situations like this.

      I would much rather have one dead crim, then two cops who had been seriously beaten or worse.

  • Steve and Monique

     small calibre handguns not up to task.Need to issue shotguns,More bang for your buckshot.

    • Nope, I reckon a Glock 18C is the bully:

      • Anonymous

        holy smokes, that’ll do the job. Looks stock too, nice little surprise.

      • Steve and Monique

        Good point great weapon.

    • GPT

      Glocks are the shit.  Light, reasonable velocity, accurate (for a handgun), reliable and lots of rounds.  Remember a handgun is only designed to fight your way to your Longs

      • I could put all 17 rounds through a hole the size of an old 50 cent piece at 50m a few years back.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Well done WO ! I had trouble hitting a rubbish bin at 50m with a Glock, but no trouble at all hitting the 50mm disc with the FN. Mind you I’m cross eyed, cloth eared, and with the concentration span of a two year old…

      • Spiker

        I feel happy if I can get all my rounds into the black of an ISSF target at 25m.

      • Anonymous

        I’d be happy now just to hit the side of a truck at 10 feet, been many years since I laid down at the smallbore club.

      • EX Navy Greg

        Spiker, I found with a 50 mm white disc in the centre of the black disc made it a shitload easier to sight, (not allowed in competition of course)The black disc is about 115 mm I think ?

      • Spiker

        EX Navy Greg, Yes that can help. I don’t have a problem getting a score in the high 80s – low 90’s with my .22 but with the Glock it’s a different story as the as dot on the foresight about covers the whole black circle on the 25m ISSF target.

  • Kiwidon

    Training, training and more training. Aim for the largest mass – the chest – and shoot until it falls.
    Much cheaper for the taxpayer this way………

  • EX Navy Greg

    Meh, Glocks trajectory drops off fairly rapidly, he probably aimed for his chest.
    My personal favourite ( issued to me in service) was the FN herstal FNP9.
    16 round mag and 1 up the spout

  • ask questions later

    wtf’s with these ‘leg shots’?
    burton cost the taxpayer over 50 grand for his strap-on.
    now this useless prick might need two!
    those boys in blue need to aim for higher things….

    • When you are shooting from under a car about the only thing you can see is a leg.

      • ask questions later

        aaha – no wonder the pepper spray didn’t work then (O

  • Big Mac

    he advanced with a spade. He should have been clubed with a diamond tipped but then again I don’t have a heart 

  • Dion

    Good to know he’s in a stable condition – I was worried about the violent criminal for a moment there.  We don’t want him experiencing any unnecessary discomfort.

  • phronesis

    A bit off topic but does anyone know what ammo the cops are using in the bushmaster? I would have hoped it would be hollow point to limit over penetration in the urban environment.

  • Scanner

    Aahh the old spade with a spade routine, shame they didn’t find time to pop the last one right between the peepers, would have saved ACC, Work and Income, and the poor old taxpayer from a lifetime of misery, great to see the old warrior gene coming through yet again.

    We now get to cough up for his rehabilitation till his next drug and alcohol fueled outburst, just more of the same, still there is always next time, 

  • EX Navy Greg

    Some interesting ammo in this clip, my favourite at 4.45

  • Mark

    Would be good if we had a few “ultimate fighter” vigilantes in NZ:

  • Anonymousecoward

    Would you gibbering baboons put a cork in it.

    You don’t want to shoot anyone dead if you can help it.

    Not because the other person did not deserve to die but because the event can prey on on the shooters mind and cause them physiological harm.

    • Thorn

      When you make a decision to shoot, its because there is no other reason option available, so you shoot to kill. 

      PTSD is rare among people who killed in legitimate self-defence.

  • EX Navy Greg

    I am going to cut and paste a post I wrote a week ago on this subject.When you get shot at yourself, a whole lot changes. Here goes:
    Very interesting comments, I will give you some background. The RNZN has
    also had around 30 personnel on 6 month rotations for several years.
    Mostly electronic weapon specialists ( me ) or comms and logistic staff.
    I have been there twice, the country is a shithole. It is very easy to
    take hard decisions and do things you wouldn’t do at home when you have
    brainwashed fuckwits from the ages 12 -92 taking a shot at you 2-3 times
    a week, in my experience.
    I thank god I never dropped one but I sure as hell loosened the bricks next to some tossers head on several occasions.
    Had I have dropped one , I would probably have pissed on it too, then gut the bludger with a spade to make sure of it.
    zones are not like Blackadder, phoning the German’s to ask permission
    to move the drinks cabinet 6 inches closer to Berlin, Old saying but
    it’s true, War is hell.

    • Anonymous

      good to hear from someone that’s been there and done it, not some armchair critic. I used to work wih James McKee, the kiwi british soldier who saved his fellow soldiers lives by tossing back a live taliban grenade, can’t imagine James would be too concerned about them getting pissed on.